Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Life I Live!

Alright!!! What a week; it has been so incredible! It feels like everyday is Sunday for me, and I love that! So basically when I first got here, we just got acquainted with the place, and I met my companion, Elder Fleming! He is such a stud, we literally are the perfect companionship! We are like the only two elders in the district that like sports! He is from North Carolina, so we are always talking about the Blue Ridge and the sports there! He played baseball and football in HS and so we are always telling stories of high school ball. He is the BIGGEST BYU fan I have ever met, and his dad served in Korea. We are like constantly laughing--even in the wrong places at the wrong things! 

MTC Zone

Perfect Companions

Okay so every morning we have gym time at 6:40 so it's nice and cool outside! We usually go out of the gate to the field and play kickball or spikeball! It's just nice to get out of the gate sometimes! But Flem and I also go to the gym and play basketball quite a bit! And we are a cash money duo!

Then we have breakfast and personal study time in the classroom! And I LOVE personal study so much! Yesterday I read from 1 Nephi 1 all the way to chapter 14! It's seriously so cool feeling the spirit so much of the time! It's hard for me not to be happy here! 

Then we have companionship study time, which has been awesome! We just go out on the grass and hang out and lay down and talk about church topics and then we will pick a subject to read about (usually centered around our investigator).

After that we have language study for an hour and then we go to lunch!

In the afternoon, we dive right in to classroom stuff.  Usually this time is spent with Goodwin Ja Mae Neem and it is ALL Korean! Haha it is so awesome! The language sounds so cool, but in many ways it sounds nothing like I thought it would.  To me, it almost sounds like a tribal language! So, really, all our teacher does is speak Korean and we figure out what she is saying by her hand motions.
If we are not working with our teacher on Korean, it is prep time for Hijo Jay, our investigator (those names are in Korean but I just romanized them).

Then we eat (again) and then more classroom study time! Usually we work on language, but sometimes we study doctrine. 
"What classroom time looks like!"

Then we go back to the crib to plan for tomorrow and read! So generally we are in the classroom sitting on our butts for about 12 hours every day! 

The language is so fun because you can easily track your progressions! But oh man it can be frustrating! Haha.  Especially with my personality.  But right now (at one week) I can read the characters really pretty well, I can pray with almost no notes, and we do lessons in all Korean which is super hard sometimes because we make a script and read it and our reading is soo slow!

The language is so cool!  I really do have a testimony of Article of Faith 7 (the gift of tongues) already.  Elder Jenkins sounds like Jang no.  Everything in the language is backwards.  I God love and I you love (subject object verb)!

Our district has 8 elders and 2 sisters. I know one of our sisters from SVU which is awesome! The rest are from all over. There are even two from the Philippines.
MTC District
So far I have seen Jace Cox, Kody Quarnberg, Jake Kirkham, Bethany Olson, Jordan Sorensen, and I see soo many kids from Snow! Zach Roberts is right across the hall from me! And Elder Roper's classroom is two doors down from ours, so we hang out a ton of the time! It's awesome! 
Good friend from home:  Elder Zach Roberts

"You have to have your companion in your picture if you are with a sister (haha) but I'm next to Sister Holste!" (friend from SVU)
"Roper and I are always hanging out! He is such a stud!"
I am honestly loving this experience so much. Best job I've ever had!


  1. I just smiled through the whole report! And kind of teared up, too!

  2. I've loved reading your son's blog. What a great missionary! So glad him and Elder Roper became such good friends. TYson talked of him often and loved hanging out with him. Best of luck to your missionary!