Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Love the MTC, But My Stomach Does Not!

Hey Guys! Quite the week! It feels like I was just barely saying "hi" to my district for the first time! The days can go by sort of slow, but the weeks are going by quickly!  I seriously love hearing from you in the Dear Elders! I love it! I'm so happy you are doing well back home!

Time to eat....again!

So this week our initial investigator became teacher number two for us, and we all love him so much.  He and I get along so well. When he takes me to another room for 1 on 1 work, we speak in Korean for a little bit, but then I get him to tell me all about Korea and what to expect and it gets me soo excited to get there! Even though I actually really like the MTC, my freaking stomach does not.  But that's the only down side. I had a little bug this week, but I am already over it.  It was spreading all around the MTC. 

Elder Fleming and I have grown even closer this week.  We have been playing basketball in the mornings with some Vegas boys, and we have got some chemistry! I love him, and our district is so fun as well.  The people are awesome.  One night in our room of four Elders, we stayed up almost until midnight unintentionally.  We just got caught up sharing stories and laughing so hard! Some Elders actually came and knocked to tell us to cut it out.  We are having a blast like all the time.

Elder Fleming, my comp!

There has been so much studying to do--at least 7 to 8 hours of studying Korean a day! But the frustrating part is not being able to study the gospel at a constant pace like the English speakers get to do! Over the two weeks, though, I've sort of figured out how to balance it best. I really have found such a love for searching the scriptures and talks. I literally like shout sometimes because I get so excited when I find a new principle I had not seen before.  I really did think I had a legitimate love for the gospel before I arrived here, but now I realize what it really means to LOVE this gospel! 

Another big thing for me has been prayer! I have never prayed so much in my LIFE! Haha EVER! It is insane! I feel like I pray for anything and everything and it has become fun! Literally like three times before bed and I don't even count how much I pray in the daytime. But I really can testify how much it helps me. I honestly can feel myself coming closer to the Lord through constant communication with Him!

One quick and cool experience this week came from a lesson last night with Goodwin Ja May Neem! It was our first time teaching her thus far, and we decided we weren't going to use any notes. All Korean. No Notes! I honestly surprised myself with how much I could say. We had a legitimate message about Christ that we shared in this foreign language that we have been struggling with mightily. It Is Tough! But I believe through the Spirit we taught exactly what we needed to! I really am loving this. And I hope you all know how much I love you as well! Talk to you next week!

Korean Study Time!

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