Thursday, August 6, 2015

Settling In!

"Here's the cliche picture you asked for mom!"

Okay, so kind of a funky week! It went by so fast! But not much happened! The schedule has become incredibly redundant.

Wake up, exercise (which has been so much fun lately), then classroom for basically the rest of the day--with some sickening food in between! It's not that the food is gross, but a half hour after you eat, you wish you hadn't! It's like that lonely time in your life where you're like "wow, I've made a HUGE mistake" but in three hours you do it again (you find yourself looking forward to heading to the cafeteria).  I've got to do some serious self-evaluation! And then at night, we write in our journal and read scriptures! 

I will tell you, though, scripture study has become my favorite thing in the world. I just look for time now to do some sort of study.  This past week I made it to Alma 30, which included several stories that have been helping me a lot! Alma 26 might now be my new favorite chapter. The reason being that it is so applicable to what I am doing right now; it is awesome to me that every single day I have found some thing in the scriptures that helps me get to the next day. And the next day, and the next. 

"I have never marked my scriptures up so much before"

This week we had some incredible devotionals as well:
  • Sunday night Sheri Dew came and spoke on Missionary work, as well as wrestling spiritually to find answers. SO COOL. I know that might not mean much to someone who isn't serving, but what she said helped me and I think it was very inspired as well! 
  • Then on Tuesday Russell M. Nelson came!!!! He just gave a lot of advice to us as missionaries. I did not dare to miss anything he said, so I am pretty sure I wrote every word that came out of his mouth. So fun! Also, it was MTC wide, so Fleming and I sang in the Choir to be closer to President Nelson when he spoke!

But my craziest and coolest moment of the week and my mission so far came from a lesson! So we were teaching Oominchuhn (romanized) on prayer and we wanted to share this SICK scripture we found in 3 Nephi 14, but finding scriptures in Korean is soo tough! SO when we handed him the scripture, I thought the placement of it looked wrong on the page but I didn't worry about it. Afterwords I actually looked into it and we shared with him the wrong scripture entirely! Hahahaha BUT when I looked at what the scripture we accidentally shared with him said, it went with our lesson so perfectly that I honestly still cannot believe it. It worked better than our planned scripture! Yeah! The Lord has a watchful eye! What a cool moment for Elder Fleming and me. I really am still so hyped about it.

What a fun and stressful week. The language can be awfully confusing at times, and at others, it makes complete sense. I have honestly just tried to be completely reliant on the Lord and His timing. I know that if I give what I have, He will accept my offering and that He will then help me pull my load! 

What a great message this gospel is. It is just filled with happiness and that is ALL that I have seen since being here. What a ride.

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