Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sleep Talking in Korean!

Hey guys,

I honestly do not remember much from this week.  The days are really starting to mush together! The gym opened back up, so I've been working on my dunking skills--obviously. You know how crucial that will be in Korea. I can't wait till I'm there balling up Koreans on P-days! For now, I guess I'll just stick to city boys and the MTC gym!

The District (all a little chubbier because of all the treats we get from home)

On Sunday, our devotional was a performance by a Christian Rock band named "The Nashville Tribute Band." It was basically just a concert.  Super tight! We were in the choir again and sang a couple of songs with them.  I REALLY enjoyed it! It was honestly one of the more spiritual things I've felt since being here. Their lead singer had this solo song where he talked about getting on the plane to go on his mission and knocking his first door.  He got emotional, and it made me a little emotional. The rumor is "Lil' Wayne" is coming next week, so I'm pretty excited for that. They are now allowing real music into the ears of missionaries. (Joke)

This is such a cool work. It really is one of a kind. Whether you are LDS or not, I think you have to respect that a little bit. I also want to say how fun this work is! It just brings joy to everyone that is involved in it.  But it can also be very very frustrating... especially with Korean!

This week in one of our lessons, we taught one of our "investigators" about the Atonement through incredibly choppy Korean (in fact I think my companion, Elder Fleming, accidentally said to him "we want to read you" instead of "will you read this").  That kind of stuff happens way too much to us! But even though there is an immense language barrier, the Spirit is felt. I don't know how to explain it, but I know what I feel.  I'm pretty sure the other day when I was bearing my testimony to our investigator, I said "I this church is happy" which makes absolutely no sense but I walked out of the lesson super hyped! Hahaha! I'm really just starting to gain a realization that the Lord will take our efforts. He loves us for trying ... even when we fail.

Okay real quick! Something really cool happened a couple of nights ago!  I fell asleep before everyone else, and they said that I was mumbling a ton in my sleep, which I am pretty sure I didn't do (but I have heard that many times before). Anyway, I SAID SOME KOREAN WORDS!!!!  In my sleep.  They said it was hilarious! They said they only really heard me say "Ayyyy Go" which means 'Oh no!"  Really nothing spectacular, but it got me excited.

Lastly, I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON, which I started the day I entered the MTC, and what an experience it was.  What a powerful book, but also what a fun and interesting read.  Loving this work!
Elder Jenkins

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