Thursday, August 13, 2015

One Month!!!

Okay, so it was an interesting week. Attended some devotionals as always. Tuesday, C. Scott Grow spoke on D&C 4:2, which was actually pretty awesome!

"Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day."

This week I've been cranking out the Book of Mormon. I think I'll be done by next pday! If I'm being honest, I am pretty sure I've never read the Book of Mormon with this much desire and meaning. It really does mean so much to me when I get to study it, but because our time is so devoted to Korean, we only get an hour in the day for personal study.  I have been putting the gas pedal to the floor on it! And I AM LOVING IT!!! The Book of Mormon is so legit! So legit! I honestly just love feeling the Spirit everyday! 
Korean writing sample
My favorite part of this week was also the worst part of my mission so far... On Saturday we had a lesson with Oominchun and we really felt sooo good about it heading in. We had all of our vocab ready to go that we thought we might need, and honestly the Spirit was just way strong in our planning! I felt this was going to be our best lesson! But when we went in there, everything changed. It was one question after another that we understood, but we just could not use the language to answer! Dang Korean! I got so frustrated. So frustrated. I wanted to throw my desk across the room! It ruined my day, it ruined my week, I forgot about any and every spiritual thing that had happened to me thus far, and I became incredibly self-centered. I turned inward when I should have turned outward. I screwed up. And It brought me way down!

But that night--after much sulking and negativity on my part--Sister Goodwin showed us a talk called "The Ministry of Angels" from Elder Holland. It changed everything for me. I can't necessarily explain it, but I do know that it brought the Spirit back to me, which changed everything. That's when I realized what a blessing it is to have the Spirit. It is a gift. An awesome gift. And we need it with us always..

I think this is when I also realized that you need lows to show you how high your highs really are. You need pains and trials to show yourself how great your joy is when you've made it over the peak! Gosh dang it I love this gospel. How great is my joy because of it.

I love you all! Keep enduring!

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  1. These reports are so awesome Elder Jenkins, they just give me a big lift! The Gospel surely does give us opportunities to grow, doesn't it? Thankfully, if we sincerely try, we end up growing toward the Lord. We are so happy and proud of you and pray for you daily. Keep up the good work! Steve and Dorothy