Monday, December 14, 2015

If I Squint, I Can Almost See China!

The Western Edge of Korea and the Yellow Sea

Wow! Crazy week! But not necessarily for the work as much as preparing for the new work! So on Tuesday we spent my last day in Gimpo with our investigator!

He drove us and we just tore it up! It was so legit. We left the house pretty early and went out to Gangwha Island--the only place in our mission where you can see ocean! So we did some sight seeing, and then went out on the coast and ate some real seafood.
Best Food ever!

There's my Fish!
Literally the fish we ordered was just swimming in a tank and this like crazy old lady fishes it out, slams it on the table, and just pulls out this Machete and goes WHAM and cuts it up.

It was suuuper creepy. A little dark I suppose, but it was delicious!

And then we "hit up" the beach (haha); we just went out and sat in the sand and on the rocks and talked about life while we looked out on the ocean towards China. It was sooo nice!!! And a nice cherry on the cake for my stay in Gimpo. Sad to leave, but Gimpo is in a really really good place now. All is well!

So I arrived in Suwon on Wednesday and that is when the fun began. It is my first time in a 4-man apartment since the MTC, so it has been so much fun just getting to know them and my new companion. It really is like the exact opposite living conditions that I was in in Gimpo. Our house in Gimpo was like 40 years old and it was honestly not in a nice state, but our house in Sinpung is sooo nice.  It is nicknamed "The Mansion" in the mission. The city is amazing to go along with it. Golly this is a cool place! 

So some fun/new things:
  • On Friday, I saw a corpse. For real. The first dead body I have ever seen... Super awkward. Long story. But that was definitely a NEW thing.
  • Our ward is about double the size of Gimpo ward, so I have some work to do. On Sunday, I had to give a talk and we sang in sacrament meeting as well! 
  • This one is kind of bad... but it was hilarious. One night right outside of our house, we devised a plan where I would pretend that I had no clue how to speak Korean and then I just would speak, preach I guess you could call it, in English and my companion would translate for me. It was so awkward! I have not done this in English since being in Korea, so I really wasn't sure what to say, but it kept the guy on his toes because he had no clue of what was going on! And he listened! Just some fun with the new comp, but we might need to repent for this stunt actually... haha
  • And also, our new area is incredibly historic, so there are some really Asian-looking buildings and HUGE Buddha statues all over the place! Pics next week on that stuff.

But for real, life is great. And I love you all so much!
Elder Jenkins
Love you Brother Chang!

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  1. Sounding just greater and greater, Elder! Never a discouraging word, it seems. you're doing so great. Have a super Christmas Season, OK? Love, Steve & Dorothy