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Wow fun week!!! But also the worst day of my mission came as well!

So on P-day we went out to Gangnam, which is sooooo legit.  It felt just like America; they had Taco Bell and everything. On the way there, we started kind of chatting up a kid in English.  He lived in Florida and Chicago during high school, so his English was pretty good. We talked all the way to Gangnam (40 minutes) which is funny because it normally takes us 1 1/2-2 hours of travel to see one of our less actives that lives IN our area, but only 40 minutes to pass though 3 different areas to get to Gangnam. Super funny! I love Gimpo! But anyway, we ended up hanging out with that kid the whole day; that night he came with us back to Gimpo and we ate at Moms Touch.  Afterwards, he wanted to see our church, so we took him there and actually ended up teaching the whole Restoration. It was soooo sick! He is definitely prepared I think. So that was our first Miracle.

Then on Saturday there was a performance of Handel's Messiah in a mission area that is pretty close to us. We invited DG ( the kid we met on Pday) and he said he wanted to go, so we went! The music carried a good message, and DG really liked spending the time with us! DG and I are born in the same year which is like super super important in Korea. If you aren't born in the same year, then you can't really be friends, so that helps our relationship with him a ton. As we were leaving the concert, we took the elevator downstairs and on the first floor there were big posters filled with church information. I pointed to a picture of the Manti Temple and told him that was my home! He started looking at the posters and he seemed pretty curious, so we just started teaching again and before we knew it we had taught him the about the Plan of Salvation, Temples, Priesthood, and then even Baptism. It was so wild! I was so giddy while it was all unfolding! I couldn't believe it. Gimpo is finally heating up!
Investigators to Church!!!
And guess what (now for the bad part of the week): I am leaving. The Lord's will, not mine. We got the dreaded call on Saturday night and I literally could not fall asleep. I just couldn't. I was tooo sad! I am getting transferred to a place called Sinpung (Suwon) and supposedly it is awesome and a little more city-like. I am replacing Elder Fleming, who is transferring in Incheon.  It will be a big  change, but a good one I am sure. 

The sun has set in Gimpo for me.
So yesterday I gave my little "farewell" in church and I just lost it. I cried harder in that little 3 minute talk than I did at my own farewell in Manti. I didn't think it would be possible to come to love a group of people that much in that small space of time. It kills me to have to leave them. I am tearing up as I am writing this! Gosh dang it! But just like it says in Corinthians, man cannot comprehend what the Lord has in store for those that love Him. 

I do love the Lord. So dang much. And I definitely am having a hard time comprehending why I have to leave Gimpo, but I know that good things are in store. All is well! 

I love you all so much!! Have a nice week! And look at the positives!!!

Elder Jenkins
P-day activities with investigators

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