Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast!

I really love this place!!!

I really had a good week. Although it is getting cold, I am loving it more and more here! The good news is that it hasn't snowed yet, so I am doing okay. I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was good.  Mine was super weird!(haha)

I definitely forgot that Thursday was Thanksgiving day. For our lunch that day, we decided to go eat at Pizza School.  It is my new favorite Pizza place. Seriously delicious pizza: Potato Pizza, Sweet Potato Pizza, Bulgogi Pizza and some other unusual ones I have never before heard of. Now that we have found it, we eat there a lot. It reminds me of good old America.

Right as we finished the last bite of our Pizza, a member called wanting a Priesthood blessing. In Korean, this is a big problem for missionaries because to give a blessing, you have to use King form (Korean honorifics), which neither one of us knows! Nevertheless, we agreed. We met her and her husband and before the blessing she took us to this restaurant that serves what now might be my favorite food--Dak Galbi, which is superrrrr yummy! Chicken, vegetables and this stuff called Dok Boki which is like rice that is just crushed and crushed until it is super fine and rolled into little logs.  Then they put in this super spicy red sauce and stir fry it.  It is Freaking Delicious!!!! So, even though I forgot it was Thanksgiving, my stomach was super full like it usually is on Thanksgiving.

Afterwards, my companion blessed her (in English) and even though she and her husband couldn't understand the blessing, they said the Spirit was powerful for them! It just goes to show the Spirit is always the same, no matter the language!

I also need to tell you my funny experience for the week (there always seems to be plenty of those). We took a guy out to dinner that I met a couple of weeks ago and we paid (which is super against Korean custom since the older person always pays), but he is so chill so it was okay. We ate some new tasty Korean food and then we just talked for like a long time about life and stuff. And then I told him I played baseball a lot in America and he just got like HYPED! Then he said, "Do you want to come play on my team man?!?!" "We aren't like great, kind of beginner, but we need you!" (haha) So I said, "How about I coach you and I play?" He was like jumping for joy.  I was being kind of sarcastic, but Korean people literally DO NOT understand sarcasm, SO I might have gotten myself into a Korean Baseball League! Super funny. This also just goes to show that the Lord uses your talents to help others come unto Him. He cares about what you care about, and so he will use what you can do to help strengthen the Kingdom. So come spring, crossing my fingers for 9 new investigators! haha

New things this week:
  • We had street waffles and these things called "shoe cream."  Shoe cream is now easily my new favorite snack! These things look like a fish: the outside is like a batter and inside is something like a banana cream filling! SOOOOOOOOOO delicious and warm on a freezing cold day!
  • Today we are headed to Gangnam to have Mexican food!!!  Bet I never get to say that again haha.
  • There is this thing in Korea called the waygukin discount! Wayguk means foreigner! When you are a foreigner, they just give you the discount without you even asking.  It's great! 
Things I am thankful for (since it is Thanksgiving back home):
  • My family!
  • My beliefs!
  • My friends!
  • And I am so thankful for the opportunity to be serving in Korea--the absolute, without a doubt, perfect place for me to serve.
I love you all! And I am Thankful for all of you. I truly am.

Elder Jenkins
I'm thankful for my "Harmony" pants, which translate to Grandma, so my grandma pants!
Pic of my bathroom/shower
Ahh Biscoff--available in Korea!

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