Monday, November 23, 2015

Getting a Jump on Christmas!

It's Christmas season in Korea--at least for the missionaries!

This past week seemed to fly. We had a temple day on Thursday, which meant like a double P-day last week. We emailed on Monday like usual, but the P-day activities fell back to Thursday.

So we left the house pretty early to get to the temple. It is in the Seoul Mission, so it takes some time
Love this Temple
to get there. And what a blessing it was to attend the temple!!! Seriously the greatest blessing. And it was also a much more meaningful experience for me to have sooo many members, potential investigators, and close friends in mind! I really feel like I found some new things that I needed through the temple. After the temple, we went to our Zone Leaders' area and had a huge party with our whole zone and it was legit. We played a ton of Korean games--pretty sure they were children's games, but I was loving it. We were all screaming and running around--kind of immature (haha), but super fun! And all of the games were in Korean so I learned new words as well.

On Friday, we had our interviews at the mission home which is 2.5 hours away by subway. I had a great visit with the mission president about the language and culture, faith, and upcoming transfers. We actually had to run out to Incheon, though, before our interviews, so on Friday, including our trip to Incheon and to and fro the mission home, we spent 6 hours traveling on the Subway and Bus.... insane! On the bright side, it provided a great opportunity to find. And that I did! I just tried to take advantage of the fact that people can't go anywhere when they are stuck next to you on a subway, so I chatted up everyone. For real--one person to the next. And I found some Gold!!! It is crazy, so crazy, when you can see exactly why the Lord put you in a specific place at a specific time. It is dang fun! 
My view for much of the bus ride--but I chose another

So on Friday I had a long 6 hours of sitting/travelling which turned into 6 great hours of finding which was truly a blessing in disguise. I challenge all of you, when it seems like you are doing something that is wasteful, look at the good that can be accomplished if you change your attitude. You will surely find it!

Bonus: we were cleaning the church with ward members, and they decided to throw away their Christmas tree.  I was like, "heck, no, we are taking that home."  So I carried it home in the rain and protected it with my umbrella. 

Have a mad week! As will I!

Elder Jenkins
Pictures from the week:
This will make it feel like Christmas in our apartment--even though Christmas is Korea is not the big  holiday it is in America

Korean Temple

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  1. Great to read of your doings, Elder Jenkins. 'Sounds like you are one outstanding missionary who is constantly looking of opportnutities to share the Gospel. We send our love and best wishes for your success during this Christmastime!