Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween--Not a Korean Holiday

We have these sick BOM cases because Pres always wants us with one in hand!

Halloween Sunset
Halloween! Yeah! We didn't do anything cool for Halloween because they don't even celebrate it here! What!  But all of you were obviously on my mind on one of my favorite holidays. I love and miss all of you! We actually had an English class on Halloween, so we shared a bunch of our Halloween experiences with the Korean people and they could not believe some of the things we do. It was super fun to look back on the idiotic things I used to do around this time back home.

SO this week was full of many emotions, and some real fun times. We taught one Korean class on Monday, and then on Thursday we went to a high school for 6 hours and taught English. It was a ball! I love those kids; I seriously love them so much. And they love us too! We are white and speak English, so when we get to the school's location we become instant celebrities and it is hilarious! It makes me feel nice. When you introduce yourself, there are like ROARS from the students! Hahahaha it is so funny! All I said was, "I am Elder Jenkins, I am from America and I really like baseball" and they lost their crap! That is a fun thing for me. Then on Saturday we taught another English class, and afterwards some mom tried like hooking her up with my daughter... hahaha every one likes the American lifestyle here!
I Serve in a Beautiful Place
Anyway, it was a really pretty enjoyable week, but to be honest it started out super crappy! On Tuesday, we had made a plan to go and visit a less active member that lives quite a ways away-- maybe 1.5 hours. So we trekked out there and I was just in a terrible mood. I sometimes just feel like we aren't getting done what we need to, and we spend so much time travelling.  Right when we got on the bus, I was just kind of mad and negative. And, to pile on top of that, we looked for like 3 hours to try and find his restaurant and we weren't having any luck. It was the most frustrating thing! We finally found it on the second floor of a factory and it didn't even have a sign. So, by the time we got to him, I was not in a good mood. But the thing is, when we found him he was ecstatic! He was so happy. He couldn't believe we had found his restaurant (and neither could we haha-- put a sign up!!!).  But even though he was so happy, I still wasn't. I was being a selfish piece of crap. So we left and when we got on the bus, I pulled out a talk that I really have come to rely on and love. This quote really stood out:

         "True character is demonstrated by looking and reaching outward when the natural and instinctive response is to be self-absorbed and turn inward." 

It described exactly what I was doing. And I was not happy at all! AT ALL! So the rest of the week I really worked on charity and the blessings truly did come. I became sooo much happier. From this humbling experience, my testimony of charity and trying to develop Christlike character has truly been strengthened. When we can see every one as they truly are, as Children of God, then we really can begin to develop the character that I believe we all want so badly. So try it, and I know you will be blessed.

I really and sincerely love all of you!

Elder Jenkins!

My typical day:
  • 6:30 wake up and work out
  • 7:30 shower and have a small breakfast
  • 8:00 individual study
  • 9:00 companion study
  • 10:00 language study 
  • 11:00 lunch
  • 11:30 travel to appointments
  • 9:00 pm plan for the next day, write in my journal
  • Sleep!  I'm sleeping great!  I am physically exhausted every night so I just drop cold.
Neat and Tidy, A House of Order!

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