Monday, July 10, 2017

Can't Believe It's Almost Over!!!

This week was definitely an exciting one. Elder Malo and I have been working hard to make every moment enjoyable, despite the sauna feel to the afternoons and the "great storms" in the night--literally!

The week started off by heading to the wealthiest part of our area for a big 4th of July party hosted by our bishop. It was so sick! People literally live in houses out there! It felt like a flippin movie, and we had a great time. You can be sure Elder Malo and I got the Koreans hyped with some American pride!

A little later in the week Elder Young, Elder Malo, and I were on exchanges and we visited a youth in our ward who is going to study in America this week, and so we had a lot of fun talking about things to do in America. We randomly started talking about all the things we have loved about our missions, and how that if he served, what that could mean to him. I remember telling him that there really is nothing better than these two years, and that he would never once regret doing them. I may or may not have gotten semi-emotional as we talked with him, but it was a great opportunity for me to be able to look back across these two years and realize how amazing it really has been. You truly do get out of it what you put in. And I have really learned God is there to shower the blessings as we do so!

Actually that same day we had a ton of free time and we spent the whole afternoon looking for about 15 different less active members houses! I will not deny being completely drenched in sweat--hence the sauna reference. On the bright side, I might have literally lost 4 lbs from the glorious hills of Seongnam!

And finally YESTERDAY the sickest thing ever happened! We got a random invite to a member's house in the evening, which we gladly accepted. So this guy lives on the third floor, and we got on the elevator at the basement 2 floor with an older woman. Right when we got on, we said hello and she instantly said "Latter Day Saints?" which is super rare for anyone to know in Korea and so we were pretty shocked. Then she said, "I have heard a lot about you!" That is generally a pretty negative thing in Korea, so I was worried. Then she said that she loves to learn English and I quickly replied that usually we teach others about our church, but if she has interest in that too, we would love to come over. By this time I looked to see that we had missed the third floor and were at the 5th--whoops! And right then another couple got on the elevator and heard what we are doing, but they didn't say anything.

As the woman was getting off at the 15th floor, she looked back at us and said, "You are welcome at our house anytime!" What?? SICK!!!! That never ever ever has happened on my mission! We said goodbye and then we arrived at the 16th floor where the couple was getting off, and right when they stepped out of the elevator they said "You are welcome at our house too!" NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! So long story short, we went back down to the member's house and had a great time, and right after the appointment ended we sprinted back upstairs to the 15th floor, said a little prayer, knocked, and she opened up the door and was so happy to see us. She let us right in and introduced us to her whole family! Husband and three kids. We told her we didn't have long and so she said, "well let's set up another appointment then!" And there you have it . . . tomorrow we are heading back with a follow up appointment. What an incredible blessing from the Lord. 

Anyway, this week was soo fun and such a happy one for Elder Malo and me. I sure love what we are doing here. Can't believe it's almost over.. 

I love you all! Have a fun one!
Elder Jenkins

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