Sunday, September 20, 2015

What a Ride!!!

Monday morning (September 14) we had to wake up at 2:30 (yes AM) and report to the travel office! Basically from there, we drove to SLC and then flew to Detroit, which was about a 3 hour flight. There, we had a layover for about 3 hours and then we took our MARATHON of a flight to Incheon Korea!!! I think the flight was like 13 hours or something crazy like that.  But I took some Tylenol PM right at the start and I literally do not remember even taking off. I do remember landing in Incheon Korea, so I slept a good 12-13 hours!  We got off the plane and  met our mission president.  I love him already!

President and Sister Meyer with Seth and new companion.
We got on the subway and started talking to people--well tried talking to people.  Hahahaha what the heck?  But somehow I gave a Book of Mormon away. Yeah!  That night we slept at the mission home and I can't believe it, but I slept like a baby even after sleeping for 13 hours on the flight.

Because we like lost a day-- Tuesday--my first real day was Wednesday. I got my trainer and we were assigned to a place called Gimpo.  It is the biggest area in our mission and we have only me and my companion and two sisters.  That is it!  We have sooo much ground to cover!!!
The Country

The City.  From my apartment window!

So my first crazy story comes from Friday. We had this appointment to go help this guy on his farm which really surprised me because everyone told us that there was only city in our mission! I got suuuper hyped to go to the country! It was farming I wasn't quite familiar with because we basically just picked these little seeds for him. My companion talked like the whole time, and I could not understand anything!!! Because he lives in the country, he has this super weird dialect so all I could understand was the word... God haha! But it was cool being in the fields in the country. So then afterwards we had a little lesson prepared and he wanted to open up with some singing. We sang "Nearer my God to Thee" two times through for some reason and then we sang another song from his church two times through as well! When we started teaching, he interrupted and just talked the WHOLE rest of the time!!! Hahaha. Well, we just went with it.  Less time I have to try and make up sentences with my broken Korean! Then he prayed with us and that was it.  Afterwards my companion told me that the guy said he was trying to be a preacher for another church.  Oh well, we tried! But while we were there, we were right next to the Ocean and... North Korea so that was way cool!
Headed to the farm!
On this ultra sophisticated Korean contraption

I don't have much more time, but I feel like I already have a thousand stories about this crazy country! The people are amazing! Whenever we walk by people, we say hello and bow and they do the same. That creates a lot of conversation opportunities. And the food is sooooo legit! I really feel like I am settling down well already. Things are so much different here, but there are also a lot of American things. We just ate at a McDonald's and the other day I had a Mountain Dew.  Everything else has been all Korean food! I just love it here! I really do!  I miss you all, and hopefully I can say more things next week! I love the Gospel and I love "trying" to share it with my Korean brothers and sisters.  Love you all!
Those fish are looking right back at you!
A few more funny things.

  • You cannot cross your legs here like I love to do.
  • There is this stuff called banana milk and I love it
  • The grapes are incredible.
  • The pancakes are NOT sweet.
  • Ice cream is sooooooo goood!
  • Temple trips are scheduled once a transfer
  • To cross the street, you don't push those buttons! I guess those actually call the cops, which I almost found that out the hard way. But we left, so I never found out what happened cause we ran.
  • And we sleep on the floor basically (haha)! 
I am in such a lucky place. I get the city and I get the country where I hear a weird Korean Dialect! What a dope opportunity!

I am blessed!!!

Elder Jenkins!

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  1. You are in paradise, Korean-style, it sounds like. Great reports.
    We're behind you!