Thursday, September 3, 2015

Korea is part of my plan

The quickest week of my mission so far. Holy cow! It really does seem like I was just writing you, but even in quick time a lot has happened.  Most of those things have been super sweet!!! 

The District

First off, one of the Elders in the District made the decision to re-submit his paperwork to get reassigned. Kind of unbelievable. When he first said that, I wanted to punch him, but then I realized that this Korean experience has been very difficult for our entire District. It is such a grind trying to learn the language and trying to learn the gospel at the same time. So maybe I can understand him just a little bit, but I have had a hard time with it as well. In fact, for a short time I let it change my attitude from being happy and excited to being frustrated and angry. For some reason, I let it affect me that much. 

However, the Lord answered my prayers very quickly! I know that I was called to Korea by God the Father himself. I know that I NEED to go to Korea. I don't always know why, but I know it is the perfect mission for me. And even though this is incredibly difficult, I know the Lord has a plan for me! 

Tuesday, we heard a rumor that someone special was coming for the Devotional. Guess who?  ELDER OAKS!!!! I actually got to hear two Apostles in my stay here, and once again choir provided a very nice seat. This experience just turned my whole week around! Elder Oaks delivered a great talk on the importance of missionary work, and for me the Spirit was felt very strongly. It just made me happy, which is exactly what the Spirit is supposed to do. I also just love it when a prayer is answered through someone else's words. 

Study, study, study

A funny part of my week was in one of our lessons with a "14 year old rebel child." The freaking Elders before us took him some candy to reward him for a kept commitment, so then in our lesson he pulled it out and started eating it. Then out of nowhere he said "I stole these" with a big old grin on his face! He knew exactly what he was doing.  Seriously, Elder Fleming and I had the hardest time explaining to him why that was so bad. Our vocabulary has not yet reached the point where we can talk about not stealing Lifesavers nor his excuse of peer pressure.  After a while of struggling, I couldn't help but to start laughing at him. At least I learned the lifesaver lesson in the MTC rather than the field!

Kind of out of time, but I just want to say real quick that in the Pre-Mortal life, we all chose a path.  However, upon receiving our bodies we lost knowledge of that choice and path, but God still remembers. He roots for me and you to stay on our paths every single day. He just wants the best for us because He knows the end reward for us if we do those things to stay on the path. I think every time I feel the Spirit through scripture study, a talk, a prayer, whatever good thing it may be, a little bit of that path is unveiled for me and I remember just a little bit of what my path looks like. I know that going to Korea is right smack in the middle of my path; I know I am supposed to be serving there and I cannot deny that. It is part of God's plan for me. God has a plan for all of us, and we can't forget that.

I love you all so dang much! It is a great day in the Kingdom!

Elder Jenkins

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