Monday, January 11, 2016

6 Month Mark!!!

At the Temple with Elder Stowe
Wow what a great week.  I don't remember if I told you, but last week we kind of had a surprise attendee at church. We taught this investigator in the morning before church, and I think he must have just felt some pressure to stay from some members. I sat  by him during Sacrament and about half way through someone got pretty emotional on the stand and he just turned to me and basically said, "WHOA, I gotta go." And he just took off! NO!!!  I was assuming that someone's emotions just completely ruined anything we might have had with this guy and I was quite upset about it.  I just could not believe it!  But the next day we decided to give him a call to see if he could meet again and he was just like "Oh yeah for sure!" I was in disbelief.  We met him on Tuesday and literally his first sentence was, "so are we like going to step this up to like twice a week or what?.." Obviously we said yes, and then he went on to say "Well I have been thinking pretty hard, and you know what, I think I can join your church." YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out of nowhere. Once again, I was in disbelief!  So we are definitely stepping it up with him.

Then on Thursday we spent quite a bit of time looking for a Less Active Member's house and we had absolutely no luck.  In the process of getting lost looking for his house, we actually were in a place we had been before but I had no clue.  I realized it while we were roaming the streets and I looked over into this office and it was a guy we had met like 2 weeks ago.  He is just way busy, so we hadn't seen him since. We ran over to his office and he let us in and we kind of pulled a lesson out of nowhere, and it just rocked him! He was like even tearing up and everything. At the end of the lesson, he said "I really like what you guys are doing, and I really like your church and I think I want to start trying to come." What the? Out of nowhere. We had two very similar but incredible miracles! NICE!!!

Then it was my companion's birthday and we had a ball.  It was literally the craziest day.  I loved it! We ate at an all-you-can eat meat restaurant, we had cake, and we had a dance party at our house that night (no girls)! Sometimes you really do need something like that to help you let some steam off.

On Saturday we met another new investigator. He is from Cameroon and is looking for a new church. It honestly sounds like what we have to offer can really fit well with what he is going through right now.  I really feel good about Desmond!! But to comment on that appointment, it was HARD! Teaching the gospel in English was a hard adjustment, but the coolest thing is, no matter what the language or the circumstance, the Spirit can be felt, and the Spirit changes lives.  How amazing and unique is this gospel!!! 

Well that's my week from over here in Korea. I love you all!

Elder Jenkins

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