Tuesday, March 22, 2016

14 Lessons last week and a Baptism this week!

Our District at the Temple
Man this week was insane! Easily one of the very best weeks of my mission so far; they keep getting better and better. We met soo many awesome people, the weather was fantastic, we went the the Temple.  What more can you ask?

I will prune it, and nourish it!
I have so many fun things to talk about, but really not the time to get to the specifics. It was just like
no matter what happened, I was so happy and we were doing awesome things. It was actually a really really diverse week as well, so it made for some new experiences. On Wednesday we went out to a ward member's farm and helped her farm for a few hours, which was a blast. Then on Thursday we went to the temple and that was a ball. It was also fun to just relax with some other missionaries on P-day and so we all went to a buffet (yum). Saturday and Sunday became our busiest days. We met with 6 people total and easily the coolest thing to happen this week came to pass.  The work in Korean is soo rewarding but not without its challenges.  Elder Ely and I had been working with an investigator for like five weeks but it goes soo slow because the people in Korea work so much!  He works Monday through Friday 7am till 11pm and sometimes on Saturday.  He has come to church about 5 times which is pretty awesome when it's his only day off.  But finding a time to teach is really hard.  We have a couple more lessons and hopefully he'll want to get--or find time to get--baptized!

Me and Elder Wilcox
Yesterday in church they made an announcement about our recent convert of only 3 weeks:  he was receiving the Priesthood! So, yesterday, I had the privilege to be in the circle as Mucho received the Priesthood. It was so so so awesome!! This Gospel has just changed his life so much and although I have only seen about half of the process, I really have seen a change. He is just always giddy with excitement and full of smiles and I know that things like that really can come from the Gospel. Ah! I am such a fan of the things this message can do to people. It is so true!!! 

So yes.. A lot of other amazing stuff happened this week. We created our new record with 14 lessons taught in one week, which was crazy. Maybe that will be different next week, but we hope not!

I love you friends!

Elder Jenkins
Photos from our service project

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