Monday, March 28, 2016

Farming, Bowling, Baptizing!

This week was for sure one of the best weeks ever and I am just going to dive right in to my favorite news of the week: Junegun Kang was baptized yesterday! And how amazing that was!!! AH!!!  It really was like the coolest thing ever. Brother Kang had been meeting with missionaries for almost a year and a half, so I really came in midway through the 4th quarter (haha), but I still feel like I got to play the whole game. There really isn't an experience much like seeing someone's life change for the better, right before your eyes. Man, it just makes me so happy!!! WHOO!!!

The rest of the week, we just met with all kinds of people, trying to find other people to help. It was great. We went bowling with an inactive member, we farmed for an active member, and we met a lot of interesting people! One in particular that I want to share a pretty "intimate" story about!

So for about the past two months, Junegun Kang has been bringing his friend to English class every week, but I had never really talked to her much. Recently, though, I started teaching their class and started having a super fun time with them; we have actually grown really close through a simple English class. In this small span of about 3 weeks, I have come to know a lot about her and her beliefs and her extremely rough past. On Saturday I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to ask her if she had some time that night to just kind of hang out and talk, and she said yes. That night at dinner, I felt the Spirit more strongly than I ever have in my entire life. I kid you not, it was sooo strong. She told us that she hates God, that He never has answered her prayers or bailed her out when she needed it most, and that she despises Him. After I heard that, I just tried my best to bear sincere testimony that God truly does love her, that He knows her, and that He cares about her so much. I really don't think she had ever heard that before. It kind of shocked her, I think, to hear news that God might not be who she thought He was. As I bore testimony to her, I am not so sure I have ever felt so close to God myself. I think that by articulating my beliefs, I learned some things about God that I never had thought too much about either.  It was SICK!!!! Just whoa. God sure is awesome. And He knows and loves each one of us! 

Until next week! 

Elder Jenkins

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