Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Life is Good

Once again, I don't have much time to write, but I have to tell you it was such a great week! I guess you have noticed, but I have slowly have been running out of any wordly stories. Pretty much all of them are churchy now. Should have seen that coming.  I've really just never been so Spiritually high all of the time, and it is the greatest thing ever. I guess all of the other stuff has just kind of become less important to me, so I will try and avoid spilling too much of that on you guys!

This week, some really cool things happened: Junegun Kang was confirmed a member of the church yesterday; we had two new investigators at church; 5 or 6 people were at church that hadn't been out in a while. It just made me so happy seeing all of those people! Gosh, it just makes me smile so big! The Gospel helps people so much, and yesterday (at church) I got to see that first hand. So fun!!! 

Additionally, two times this past week we met with two high school-aged friends who initially didn't look like much more than "foreigner friend" interest, but as we met, things went a lot better than I expected, and they actually accepted an invitation to be baptized!!! And then they volunteered to come to church! What a wonderful surprise!! Since becoming a missionary, so many amazing things have been happening in my life. I can't help to think that before my mission I really didn't think to look around me and recognize the little blessings in my life from the Lord.  I am so aware, though, now that the Lord is constantly blessing us, even in the smallest ways.  He really does bless us--whether we are missionaries or not. He blesses us because He loves us! I wish I would have really recognized this reality earlier, but I am happy that at least I know it now. :)

I love you guys! Stay tuned for a fun story next week ... I promise.

Elder Jenkins

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