Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Seoul in full bloom!

This week was super nice. God has been great to us lately. But I won't lie, I still haven't watched General Conference in English, so I am sure after that I will see God in my life even more than right now.

On our P-day this past week, we went bowling, ate Big Macs, and played Screen Baseball! It was way fun, but I might have gone a little too hard. I ripped my pants again, but of course that did not stop me from taking some big cuts. The coolest part about that was we played with this member who had been less active for close to 7 years and he came back to church just while I have been here (the last few months).  Over that time, we had actually grown really close to him. I truly love him! Sadly, though, Monday was the last time we will see each other. This past Wednesday he flew out to China for work and will be there for a full year. AH! I am going to miss him so much, but I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to help him come back to church and to start gaining back the testimony he once had. He really did come so far in these few months and I am so proud of him.  I'm just praying now that he finds a church in China.

Then for the rest of our week, it rained. We did meet with a few other investigators and the craziest thing happened yesterday.  We showed up the the church building and this Sister we had met with a few times was waiting in the chapel for Sacrament to start, so that was a super pleasant surprise. Then, another investigator who was supposed to go to China for like a month, randomly showed up to church. Additionally, our two teenager friends came as well.  To top it off, all three of our ward's Recent Converts showed as well.  That is a lot of people for the missionaries to host. And, to put the cherry on top, my companion was speaking and so was one of our new sisters, so both of them were on the stand and couldn't help. So, you know me,  I was frantically trying to find places to sit and figuring out who was sitting where and with whom. Oh man it was crazy. But it worked out. A little stressful, but it worked out.  It made for an interesting day that is for sure! 

It really was a nice week--so fun. The Gospel truly is so wonderful! I love it. And I love you all as well. 

Elder Jenkins

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