Monday, April 11, 2016

A Little Baseball--Korean Style!

Elder Baseball

WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! It was a great week here in Suwon! SO much to talk about, and not enough time, but I will try my best to write up a good one.

So this past week our P-day wasn't on Monday; it was changed to Wednesday because on Wednesday we went with one of our investigators to... A Professional Korean BASEBALL GAME!!
And it was so sick! Seriously one of the coolest things ever. It was still good old baseball, but with a Korean flair.
Elder Jenkins and Wilcox
First off, Korean people love fried chicken and so guess what? Every single person (not exaggerating) brought in a bucket of fried chicken to enjoy with the in-house supplied booze! There were literally those "peanut vendor" type guys walking around with a KEG on their back serving people beers the whole game. The most fun thing was that each team had the equivalent of our high school "student section" (but fans instead of students) and they had legit cheers,
The Best Day Ever!
songs, and all kinds of crazy dances going through the entire game. It was mad! I loved it so much. And more important than anything, our investigator loved it sooo much and we all grew much closer. Thank you Baseball gods! So grateful I was able to experience this cultural experience.

The other awesome thing from this week was that we were able to watch General Conference, but we had to watch it all in Korean--for a good reason. We invited investigators, but didn't really expect them to show.  Surprisingly, three investigators showed up, and after it ended we committed our two teenager friends to Baptism next month. What a miracle! I am telling you, such a miracle with these two kids.

Okay. No more time, but things are so great! See you next week.

Elder Jenkins

Suwon KT Wiz Park

Thanks President Morrise  

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