Monday, May 2, 2016

Lotus Lantern Festival

This week we actually didn't have the number of appointments we would have liked, but we still met a fair amount of people and I felt we had great success!

First off: SaeHee Lee and DaOon Kim are on track to be baptized on May 22nd. So exciting!!! We met with them twice this past week, and finished the third lesson which is really centered on Baptism and The Holy Ghost. During that lesson, I wanted to make sure they were still cool with getting in the water and they were affirmative in the answer (and no having to worry about their hair getting wet and that being a problem).

Then this past week I went on exchanges with our Zone Leader, and we had such a good time.  But we really didn't have any appointments set up which was a problem, SO we went proselyting--all day! While we were out, I thought of a long-time investigator who loves meeting right when you call, so I contacted him and sure enough he wanted to meet. Not surprising, when we got over there, he was SWAMPED! I watched him work while thinking "why did you just tell me that you want me here NOW?" We just sat there and watched him argue with some salesman, and then he proceeded to go back behind his little office and he started cooking this ugly cow meat. I mean he was just like HACKING away at this meat with us just standing there watching with puzzled looks on our faces. It was super weird and gross, but he did let us teach him with gross cow fluids all over his arms and hands--haha guess I can cross that one off the list! 

But I really don't have much time to share with you my other experiences from this past week. Sorry! Until next week, enjoy the pics and just know that things are being held down here in Shinpung! 

I love you, and have a good week!

Elder Jenkins

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