Monday, May 23, 2016

Staying in Sinpung!!! I love Sinpung!!!

P-Day fishing trip with our investigator

Okay, I have literally 5 minutes, so this will be quick.

This week was crazy sick! We taught quite a bit, went to the ocean which is in our Ward area searching for a member, went fishing with our investigator, played Chocu (mix of soccer and volleyball) a few times, and got suuuuuper sunburned. Ugh, it has gotten super duper hot. Today was like 30 degrees (87) out at the lake--which says nothing about humidity. I think from now on, in most of my pictures, there is going to be a nice glimmer off of my face. WHOO!
Tide was in and covered the road to Jebudo Island

Okay, sad news now: our two progressing investigators were not baptized yesterday. We honestly don't know what happened. They just stopped answering calls and texts. To be honest, that is kind of a Korean thing to do. It happens all of the time, and usually you never find out why. We are working hard to pick them back up and get them back on track!

Pot Bing Soo!  Soo Delicious and Sunburned!!!
I love the way the Lord does His work--even though we may not always understand fully. I don't always understand Him, but we can choose to follow Him and love Him anyways! 

You guys are amazing! Have a good week!
Elder Jenkins
  • After fishing we stopped for lunch and had "Sundae." I guarantee it is not what you're thinking.  Sundae is Pig intestine soup!  It is so flipping delicious, I mean like absolutely out of this world delicious!!! (and I can't believe I am saying that)
  •  Pot Bing Soo:  Super popular Korean dessert made of Oreos, strawberries, cream, shaved ice, ice cream, chocolate powder.  Delicious.


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