Thursday, May 12, 2016

Two of our investigators!
Statistically speaking, this week was incredibly busy, especially for our mission. But even though it was busy, it was like sooo relaxing! All we did was talk to people about the wonderful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was so so fun.

Some wild things happened this past week--some were absolutely hilarious and then others were extremely spiritual. It really was crazy.

Because of time (since I spent most of it talking to you over facetime for Mother's Day), I will just tell you some of the uplifting things that we saw this past week. So last week on Saturday, I called a Less Active member who we used to meet with on a weekly basis, but then he did a pretty normal Korean thing and just stopped answering the phone. It was the same response on Saturday. I decided on Sunday night that I would call him again, and this time the phone was picked up. But then no one said anything for a long time! I just waited and I heard arguing in the background; I quickly figured out that his mom who is a very active member, had picked up the phone because she knew he wouldn't and she was trying to make him speak to me. I guess he was just kind of embarrassed that he hadn't answered in such a long time, so that is why he had kept doing it over and over again. But she got him to talk to me and then we set up an appointment for Monday night. When we went over there to meet with him, we found out that he was taking a test the next day to see if he needed to enter into the military or if he could go to BYU this fall. Obviously, the family wanted BYU, but they were really hoping for some sort of help (like a blessing) to get them all to relax, so we taught them a lesson and they asked me to say the closing prayer at the end.  I prayed for a calming influence and when I finished, the relief in their faces was really visible. But I still didn't think much until the mom was walking us to the elevator and she explained what had been happening: Everything that had happened that night was like a complete answer for what they had been looking for, and it was all at the "perfect timing." The fact that they wanted some comfort, then I called literally minutes later, then the fact that they actually picked up for the first time in 3 months, and we were able to set up a meeting. It was just one of those moments where you know that God had to have played a part or it wouldn't have happened. Testimony builder for me! 
Also, that woman I told you about that said she hated God told me this week that she knew God loved her and her attitude toward God had changed.  She said that knowledge made her so happy.

Then this weekend was a special one for Koreans! It was a three day Holiday, highlighted by Children's Day on Friday and it was sooo cute.  It really is one of the few times you see Korean families all together! Then yesterday was Parent's Day, and that also was super cute to see at church. And more than anything else, they really just helped me to remember how important our families are, and the happiness that we can find because of them! I love my family!!! 

Some other super cool things happened this week, but my fingers are tired and I have an appointment soon! Talk to you next week!

Elder Jenkins

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