Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Korea can be a Zoo!

Tiger Missionaries!
This week was a lot of fun--I say that every week, but I swear they just keep getting better and better!

It started last p-day, which was our Temple Day, so we went north across the Han River into the Seoul Mission and did a session. But here is a new swing to the game: we can now do Baptisms for the Dead (just recently allowed in our mission), so Elder Wilcox and I got to participate in that. Super awesome, and a really spiritual experience to say the least.
Farewell to a Great President!

Then that same day we went to the Seoul Zoo (my second visit) and we just went ham, haha! There were missionaries everywhere and we had a ball together.

Because of the really long subway rides to and from the Temple, there was also a TON of proselyting time--my favorite kind as well! I love talking to people in the subway, and so we kind of just split up with some other missionaries and went and tried to spread the word throughout the cars. Loved it!

Then, on Sunday, this less active guy (whose story I really need to tell sometime) came to church for the 3rd time in 4 weeks; before that, I believe he had been to church once in 2 years. So awesome to see him there.  And then yesterday, even though it wasn't p-day actually, we spent all day near the mission home participating in a Zone Conference activity, and it was sick! We literally spent about 6 hours of our day hiking this big mountain and when we would take breaks we would receive training and share testimonies. It was so cool, but wayyyy hot too!  A word--SWEAT! 

President and Sister Morrise!  Going to miss you!
This was actually the last time that I will see President and Sister Morrise! Their mission here in Korea is complete.  Happy for them, but so sad for us.  I love the Man!  And because of him, I can honestly say that I know our leaders are literally called of God. I know it!

Someone used this idea to talk about President Morrise yesterday, but I think that it is actually really applicable to all of us:

"When Jesus Christ was crucified, God's literal child was, yes, taken from the earth, and although that means His son is not physically here at our side and aid, God sends His other sons and daughters to be here at our side to help us and in some cases--Save us."

I know this to be true. God does send us His helping hand, and in so many cases it is through His other sons and daughters. I love this Gospel. I love it so much! 

Have a good one!

Elder Jenkins

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Our Investigator from India

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The cutest kid in Korea!
Quite the Ambush of Tigers!
Fortresses like this are common in the mountains of Korea

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