Monday, July 25, 2016

Korean Heat Wave

The Old MTC Cohort

Holy cow, this past week was the hottest weather I think I have ever experienced! It is absolutely incredible how hot it has gotten. It literally feels, at the end of our days, like I  just swam in my clothes at the pool (haha). It is crazy! The weirdest thing is I look around at all the Korean people and they look fine! What in the world?! Am I the only one melting here? Although it has been hot, the work has been moving forward much more rapidly here in Seongnam. I think there must be a direct correlation with weather heat and missionary work here...

The most difficult part of this last week may have been that, in the middle of the heat wave, we didn't have a lot of investigators to work with which meant finding with the sun on your face, the humidity on your body, and your sweat in your eyes. Heck yeah! That is the work: it isn't easy, but it is so fun when you just keep grinding right through the toughness and you get to see the blessings. They do come, especially when you expect them. If you do what you are supposed to, then you can just expect it. Last week, I came to know that that principle is true.

We had exchanges with our Zone Leaders last week and I absolutely loved it. I went to their area and we met with one of their investigators who has a baptismal date and it was incredible! This guy is like a total braniac! He graduated from Yale, he is fluent at English (RARE), he has made millions, and he is very possibly one of the more accomplished people I have met on my mission. Honestly, I was intimidated! Not to mention, the Zone Leader I was with is also a genius. Literally. I felt soooo inadequate just being there. To be honest, I let that fear win for a long time in that meeting. I simply didn't talk while I sat back and just watched the intelligence work. That lasted for a while, but then I had a really distinct and direct prompting from the Spirit to speak. And I did. And the coolest thing was, it changed him! It was no longer the straight philosophical talk. Instead, it was the Spirit and it really hit him! He teared up and that became the coolest lesson I have ever been a part of. Follow the Spirit!
And to go along with that last line, we have just started praying more often as we have been finding and guess what: God has been leading us to people. It is so sick! I love it. 

Additionally, this last week in my second week as a District Leader, I performed my second Baptismal interview and once again it was a great experience. There really are people everywhere who are prepared to receive the gospel and I have been getting really lucky lately to meet so many of them! What a cool testament to me...

Such a fun and faithful week! Hope yours was that way as well!
Love you all! So much.
Elder Jenkins

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