Monday, July 4, 2016

So Long Suwon!

I'll sure miss this place!
Whoa. Holding back the tears on this email... Saturday night at about 10:40, we got a call from our new President and I am transferring. Ah man!!! Literally maybe the saddest call of my whole mission, and it hasn't really stopped since I hung up the phone. I have spent almost 7 months in this area and I have come to love these people and this place sooo much. I think back to the last time I was transferred as a greenie and I remember how sad I was to leave, and I remember thinking "how is it possible to love a group of people and a place so much in such a short amount of time?" and now I am having the thought of "after having been in a place so long and loving a group of people this much, how is it possible for me to leave?" I hate leaving people! I really find it hard to put into words how I feel. But I sure love this Sinpung Ward and this place. It is going to be an emotional goodbye on Wednesday morning, especially with Elder Wilcox! I got here on December 9th, Elder Wilcox got here on the 28th, we have been in the same house ever since, and we have been companions for 4 of those months. A sad goodbye to Sinpung, but I am sure that I will love my next area just as much!

So other than transfers and Monsoon Season starting this week, the rest of the week was sick! Some cool things happened:

On Friday Elder Wilcox and I (as well as a few other missionaries) were selected to take a test on language learning, and it was soooo hard. But it was super fun and made me realize that I know more Korean than I thought!

Then on Saturday we met our new Mission President and his wife--President and Sister Turner. They were super energetic and fun; I think I am going to really enjoy my next year with him.
President and Sister Turner

Yesterday was crazy at church. I gave a quick little farewell talk and the members were like shocked that I was leaving. I think they had just gotten completely used to me being here. So yesterday was full of like 75 pictures and invites for several meal appointments. haha nice! 

This last week (because of upcoming transfers I think) we also had meal appointments for almost every meal, so we have been really eating well. Thank you transfers!!!
Tae Kwon Do Punch to the Elder

Such a fun week with a sad ending, but I think for me it was just a good realization that in all of our lives we have the blast of a time (like in Sinpung Ward) and then all of a sudden it ends. And things change! And we have to keep moving forward. And if we do it with a smile on our faces and work to be happy, we will see how quickly things will change back to the way they were. And we will be blessed. I know it.

I love you all, and I hope you have a good week!
Elder Jenkins
I'm Bringing Him Home

Translation: "Elder Jenkins Leaving Day" from the Primary

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