Monday, August 22, 2016

I Can't Remember What My High School Looks Like

Elder Jenkins and Elder Bratt

Okay, this week seriously has been awesome. On Wednesday, I picked up the big man himself: Elder Bratt! He is soo fun and such a baller. He brought his nerf hoops and so we have been ballin hard at night. I didn't realize how old I would feel with him around though. He is 2 flipping years younger than me. He has been talking about High School and stuff and I can't even remember what my high school looked like (hah). But really, these next two transfers are going to be so fun and full of fire and blessings. I know it!

Actually the blessings have already started flowing. On Thursday night we had our first teaching appointment together, and we were meeting with a kid who Elder Altejar and I had found while playing basketball. At first, it seemed like just friend interest, but as we kept meeting every now and then, his gospel interest level kind of started showing. Since we had already scheduled an appointment, I decided it would be fun to try and teach the Restoration for my companion's first lesson. I kind of had the thought that if things went well, we should try and give the investigator a baptismal date. I helped my companion prepare some Korean and then we went into the lesson. Man, the Spirit was soooo strong! It was crazy--easily one of the coolest and most emotionally moving lessons I have ever participated in. I loved it! And then near the end, I felt like there was a really good opportunity to ask the investigator to be baptized. So I nudged my companion and said, "You need to ask him to be baptized." He tried his best (remember it was his first lesson), I clarified a little bit, and the investigator committed! haha yeah!!! I honestly wasn't really sure if things would work out, but it is so crazy to see what kind of an influence the Spirit of a young missionary can have on the work. Gosh that was such a cool moment--for the investigator of course, but honestly maybe even more so for my new companion. What a blessing! 

Then yesterday was Stake Conference and I loved it. To be honest, my whole mission I haven't had great confidence in my Korean speaking ability. I have always just kind of let my Senior Companion take the reigns and, if he wanted to, I would let him speak the whole time. But recently (becoming Senior Companion and then a trainer) I have no choice but to speak and understand. Honestly, I didn't think I would be able to do it when I first learned about getting young companions, but the craziest thing is, my Korean level and all of that stuff in between has like gone wayy up! Or at least that is just how it feels. That, I believe, is totally a gift from the Lord. 100%! So yesterday at Stake Conference I had to translate the meeting for a Senior Missionary Couple, and it was weird but for one of the first times in my mission I felt like I could understand almost everything and I was able to translate for them. Once again, such a big blessing from the Lord. I love Him! He rescues me sooo much as a missionary it is crazy. I love my Savior!

This week has been sick and full of blessings. I hope all of yours was the same! 

Elder Jenkins

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  1. Inspiring, every time I read, Elder! You're doing a great work for the Lord, your fellow brothers and sisters, as well as being a great example to me.
    Keep on keepin' on! Soon-to-be-elder Johnson