Monday, August 15, 2016

Less Active Does Not Mean Less Important!!!

Seongnam--Love this place!
WOW, I received crazy news this week: transfers were announced and our mission was completely turned upside down! Right now in our mission, I would guess that we have about 110 missionaries, and literally about 100 missionaries are getting transferred this week. I think there are close to 20 areas being changed--all new missionaries. President Turner is taking over. I love it! I am staying in the same place, but Elder Altejar and I are being separated--after just one transfer--and we are both so SAD! I love this kid soo much! But honestly, I think it only took one transfer with each other to learn what we needed to. I learned absolute life lessons from Elder Altejar that I don't think I would have learned any other way. And I think I might have helped him too. Maybe..  It has been such a clutch companionship, but with the end to this one, I will be receiving a brand new missionary. Time to train! Yikes! But I am so flipping excited! YEAH!

Anyway, I don't have a lot of time--like always--but this week was sick--also like always! Not easy, but still great. I made a proselyting goal for our District and since I was the one who set it, of course I had to work super hard to lead by example. It was soooo fun! I haven't pushed that hard for proselyting in a long time. We literally tried to talk to anyone and everyone. I loved it! It made for some stories too. Literally, Elder Altejar has been "chasing"people that we missed, just making sure that they receive something. Awesome!!! I sure love the Lord and His fun work! 

Other cool things:

Clutch Companions
I did my third Baptismal Interview this past week with that one guy who graduated from Yale, and he did awesome. His whole life, he has been an atheist and a chain smoker, but BOOM everything changed because of this Gospel. He is a completely different person than he was just months ago... This Gospel is absolutely amazing! 

And my favorite story:) recently I have been trying really hard for us to find more Less Active Members to work with and after rifling through countless ward lists and records, I kept thinking about this one Sister who is like 33 years old and an RM. Due to family issues, though,  going to church became suuuper hard for her. I contacted her and she agreed to meet. As we met and found out a lot of this stuff, I felt like I truly understood her.
We just really wanted to help her and we told her that. She became pretty emotional, which was sort of odd because we were eating in a restaurant and out in public, but man it was amazing. She completely opened up. And then in a small break of silence, Elder Altejar flipped out his Book of Mormon and had her read a verse and she just started bawling. And then she explained that right at the time when I first called her, she was kind of having some super hard times and just a lot of hateful feelings. She was even feeling suicidal. Then I called and she said EVERYTHING changed for her! She really felt that we were the answer to everything that she had been going through, and it really was the most spiritual and humbling moment of my mission! AMAZING!!! I

I am out of time. Sorry! Other cool stuff happened this week as well! haha love you all!
Elder Jenkins
On the Streets

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