Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Short and Sweet--Not Me, My Letter!

This week was so cool! It started off with a really fun P-day with the members of my MTC group, and it was a blast. I don't know if it is like that for other missions or not, but here in Korea it is so fun to hang out with the kids we spent nine weeks with in the MTC. And the crazy thing is .. those Sisters are going home so soooon!!! Such terrible news; we will really miss them.

Other than the bitter sweet party on Monday, this week was just all kinds of good. Well, I guess that is just mostly true of Sunday:
Our Sisters' Investigator was baptized and it was such a cool and spiritually powerful experience!   She has only been meeting them for like 3 or so months (which is a short time in Korea), but she was just soo ready. She found the church through our free English class and told herself that even though she was attending, she would never commit to a religion let alone learn of ours. She is only 18, and her parents are both non-members who are not fans of religion, but even they came out to the Baptism and the dad was all hyped up. It was dope! He was videoing it all and after the service, he was asking participants for pictures. The Spirit is amazing. It worked on all of us pretty well in that service.
I sure do love the feelings that I get from the Spirit of God. I am so grateful for that in my life!

Life is so great in Korea. Other fun things from this week: on Tuesday, I was able to go back to Shinpung (my second area) on an exchange and it was a blast! We visited all of these old people that I knew, and there were a lot of surprised faces for sure. There were also some good "feels like home" vibes! Then on Thursday, my companion and I were heading on a bus to the Subway to go meet some other missionaries, and when I got off the bus I realized (too late sadly) that I left my phone on the bus. After a couple of hours of borrowing strangers' phones and having crazy-sounding old men answering my phone, I found it! Gosh, I have to get my stuff together (haha).

I just had a jolly time last week! I hope you all did as well.

Elder Jenkins

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