Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dog Soup Days

Leaving Seongnam
Wow this week was soo crazy! Because I was transferring, of course, there were so many goodbyes. And because it was a weird transfer (a bit off schedule), I had a whole week to visit people and do some fun things with them!! I don't really have time to describe every one of them, but I can say briefly how much people have come to mean to me on my mission. Every time transfers come, it is sooo hard to leave! I'm always so sad, but I am always so grateful that I even had the opportunity to meet them. Anyway, here is a fun summary of the week:

1. We went hiking for P-day with our Sisters, and on the way up the mountain, we randomly ran into one of our potential investigators who was doing the same hike and so we unexpectedly were able to spend the afternoon with him. It was such a blast! We saw some cool things, had a lot of laughs, and then after we finished the hike we went bowling with the rest of our district members. It was so much fun! 

2. Elder Bratt and I did a little "Basketball Finding" one more time, and then we ordered our favorite chicken delivered to the house.

3. Definitely the craziest thing we did happened on Friday. At lunch time, we went with one of our members out into the country side and ate... DOG SOUP! (hahaha) Oh man, that was sketchy! When we stepped in to the restaurant, I thought it smelled like a wet dog and I heard dogs barking out back (maybe psychological?). I don't know. It was just weird! But, surprisingly, the soup wasn't half bad! But I'm not so sure I will voluntarily eat that again. Quite the experience!

4. Moved in to Gokbanjeong on Saturday. A nice surprise on Sunday when nearly 4 times the number of members than we we had in my last area showed up. It looks to be a way awesome ward, and I am super happy to be serving here now! 

Anyway, I think the week maybe felt more eventful than it really was... Dog soup must be getting to me! 

Love you all! Keep on keepin on!
Elder Jenkins
More photos:
Hiking with the Sisters
It's Fall!
Leaves are a-changing!

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