Monday, November 14, 2016

White Washing

This last week was awesome, but as always there was so much to do and not a lot of time to do it. It is crazy busy doing all the things you need to do in your own area and simultaneously watch after other missionaries around you as well, but I have been loving it!

When I came into this area there wasn't a lot, which is why we were assigned to white wash (I believe), so it has required a lot of planting without much sprouting! That definitely can be frustrating, but we have been doing our best to have fun and help people around us in their situations as well. And I have been so happy! Helping others and focusing on them is totally the key to being happy and loving life I think. So as the week progressed, we kept working hard, found a new investigator, on the first meeting we gave him a baptismal date, and he also came to church on Sunday. Sweet!!! Spouting is already happening which is so fun to experience and watch.

Last week, we held District Meeting in my old area Shinpung, so it was way fun to go back and see all the stuff I used to see everyday! Shinpung is easily the most historically deep and interesting area in our entire mission, so I got all kinds of excited for that!

One last cool thing: last night we went to this beautiful part of our area called Central Park and intended to proselyte to as many people as we could. That is always our goal, but this place is unique because it is notorious for families! It is a super cool and rare opportunity in Korea to find a family and to teach them! That still hasn't happened for me. A year and 3 months and I still have a 0 in that column, so I was pumped for that first opportunity. And, literally, the first two people we run into are 2 Americans who stopped us and said, "We are so curious about Mormons!" Needless to say, we didn't get any proselyting time with families yesterday. Instead, just two white folk who had some Mormon friends back in their hometown! That was so fun. We talked to them for almost 50 minutes, exchanged info, and they want to meet again. Such a cool blessing! That is the second time something like that has happened on my mission. The first was actually 3 months ago when I was serving with Elder Bratt and it was also two Americans. Koreans? Anyway, both are great examples of how being an example can really spark someone's interest. Sometimes being a member missionary doesn't necessarily even mean "preaching" as much as it does just living the Gospel and being a good person! Keep it up Americans! And I will also try my best in Korea!

Love you all! 

Elder Jenkins

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