Monday, October 31, 2016

My Stint as a Halloween Party Planner!!!

Waiting for transfer phone call with a bit of trepidation!
Wow, it was kind of an interesting week. There was so much to do that we were simply fighting against time.

Here is the story: A few weeks ago, the ward gave the missionaries the huge responsibility of planning and completely handling on our own, a ward Halloween Party. Initially, it didn't sound like much, but we soon discovered there was sooo much to do! The two sisters and the two of us basically sacrificed the whole week to try and make the party as "sick" as we could and to find as many people to come as we could. We had to buy all kinds of decorations, make cool invitations, advertise, and it took soo much time. But it was cool! Our party consisted of a haunted house, apple bobbing, a pinata, dinner, live music, and even Krispy Kremes! The whole 9 yards.
But, for real, the hardest part was finding people to come About half of our ward came, which makes about 15 total people. Besides the ward, I estimate that on the street alone we invited over 400 people! I also took to the phone and texted/called a little over 900 people, literally.  We went at it so hard (invited more than 1300 people)!!! And guess how many people total came......... maybe 40. Aw Man!!!!! WHAT THE? This is actually a great example of the people of Korea who are always so BUSY. Anyway, it was fun to kind of create a Halloween Spirit in Korea. They don't celebrate much at all here, so it was fun to give them the experience! 

Other highlights: not many since we spent the whole week on the party, but yesterday Elder Bratt got grabbed by some drunk old guy, got scared, and literally took off running. Thanks for waiting comp! I still hadn't realized what had happened until I too was running and looked back at a red-faced old man, cussing, and waving a cane in the air!

Oh, and also we saw two drunk dudes singing last night! I tried to snap a pic for the followers back home, but the flash went off, which created a scene, and then I just hid my face and got out of there (haha). Fail.

And last but not least: We got transfer calls on Saturday (a week early), and after 3 beautiful transfers of serving in hilly Seongnam, I am moving. I'm going back to my old District in Suwon! It should be a lot of fun there, but it still amazes me how much I get attached to people. Tears everywhere man!

The Agony (impending phone call)
Anyways, love you all and I hope you have a great Halloween! I mostly just hope you are happy:) See you next week!

Elder Jenkins

Parent note:  Seth has been decorating (or making us decorate) for Halloween as long as we can remember.  It's his favorite time of year.  We noticed a rather large dip in his checking account this week and wondered about new shoes or perhaps a winter coat.  Not quite!  We now know it was for the Seongnam Ward Halloween Party.  What a kid!
Leaving his friends of the Seongnam Ward:

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