Monday, October 17, 2016

Friendship, Love, Understanding

This week, there were some sweet moments for sure!

On Friday, we met with the investigator (the guy who found us off of a lucky internet search) and we taught him the Plan of Salvation. It was sooo flipping cool! We were all faced with like absolutely speechless moments, and we all recognized a really really spiritual--kind of just amazing--feeling!  He is really Christian and we shared with him some  scriptures from the Bible to help illustrate what we believe and he really couldn't reply. He was just in awe. It was so sick. Another reminder that in God's word, there is power!

Then yesterday one of the more humbling moments of my mission happened. Korean ward members aren't the best at Family Home Teaching, but honestly I don't think Americans are either (haha). But one of our members really likes it, so we asked him to give us a ride and take us to visit some Less Active members and it was absolutely an inspired decision. The first man we went and visited was a RC (recent convert) and he is starting to go a little less active. When we went over, the Spirit was not in that guy's house! Not at all. It smelled like smoke and alcohol and it broke my heart. He just looked so depressed and it appeared that he was having a really hard time. It turns out he had been, and we got there at a perfect time to try and help him. And as we did: the Spirit filled the whole apartment! Testimony is so incredibly powerful, but so is friendship and Love and Understanding. It was such a cool experience. Just as Elder Holland told us to do, we went Family Home Teaching, and I know now why we should! Such a cool miracle! Help those with feeble knees!

Anyways, no more time. But I love you guys. And I hope you have a fine week! 

Getting Pretty Comfortable with the Mask

Elder Jenkins

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