Monday, October 10, 2016

When in Korea...

When in Korea...

Wow, another pretty awesome week, but sadly no crazy crazy highlights to entertain you with other than we finally go to watch conference! That in itself was sooo great! However, I only got to watch half of it in English, so it looks like I will be rewatching! (haha) I am not opposed to that; in fact, I wish I would have done that when I was at home. Reviewing conference talks has become a big part of my study time. And it is so cool that we can keep learning from things, even when we have already read them before. My testimony of Prophets and Apostles was really really strengthened this past weekend!

For those of you that don't know, in Korea the whole ward comes to the church on the days of Conference and we watch it together, so it is usually a really good strengthening opportunity for the members. We also eat together and have some fun spending time together as a ward.

When in Korea...
On Sunday before the morning session of conference began, I got a call from one of our investigators who had come to church for the first time the week before. I actually thought he lost a lot of interest at church because it seemed to be really strange for him, but he called me just as church should have begun and asked "where are all of the members?? I am at the church in Seongnam!" I didn't even realize that he might want to come again (great showcase of my faith). I explained that we had a special meeting and that is was actually in a bigger church in the area. After explaining that, I thought he would just say like "okay, see you next week!" But he once again proved me wrong and asked for the address. I sent it to him, and 5 hours later he left the church with a huge smile on his face and I know with a special feeling in his heart!!! It was such a miracle for us. He stayed for both sessions, ate with our bishop and built a fantastic relationship there, listened attentively, laughed with us, and, like I said, he felt the Spirit!!

Other than that, it was a pretty "normal" week in Korea--if there even are those here (haha). I'm loving the life I live and I hope you all are as well!! Try to use what you learned from Conference to become a better person! It works:)

Love you all!

Elder Jenkins

Zone Conference

Treats from HOME!!!

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