Monday, October 3, 2016

Accept (Embrace) Corrections (easier said than done)!

This week was easily the most humbling week of my mission. It was just experience after experience of the Lord basically just saying "This is my work, so you better do it my way!" Anyway, it had that kind of feel. Although sometimes pride makes those experiences hard to swallow, when we listen and do it the Lord's way, we are blessed so much! In so many different ways.. I love the opportunities I have to personally change as a missionary, even though it can be hard.

Highlights from the week:

1.We ate delicious seafood dukbokki with two cool members! Elder Bratt once again walked away peppered in red sauce. He's still getting acquainted with every food being red, which is not a great condiment for the required white shirt.

2. We went sticker boarding twice with the sisters which is always so fun. This time, an older lady walked up to the board, told me there was a weird smell as she looked me and the other foreigner sister missionary up and down, and then didn't even put the sticker on! What the? Maybe I am too white? Summer tan fading quickly.

3. On Thursday we had the sickest District Meeting ever. The Spirit was SO strong and it seemed like all 9 of us were in tears. I absolutely love when people share cool experiences.

4. We taught "The Professor" and he was sooo hyped to hear that his ancestors could have a chance to learn about Christ and God. It was the perfect lesson for him I think. He already seems to love what the Gospel has to offer to him!

Korean Hoops
5. On Saturday we went and played basketball with a Less Active Member and some potential investigators and it was soo fun! We went hard, and once again Steph Curry comparisons were drawn. Just kidding, but there were some big eyes when Elder Bratt and I were on the same team. We showed them a little bit of "white boy ball." So awesome.

There was much more to this week, but honestly I am out of time. I love you all and I hope that even though it may be hard to accept if there is correction this week (especially from the Lord), take it with a grain of salt and then improve! It feels so amazing!

Love you again!
Elder Jenkins
The Hills of Seongnam

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