Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Questions? Answers!

Last week was such a blessing! Oh man I loved it so much. We had some awesome spiritual experiences.

So to start: on Monday, we went to one of the 3 churches in our mission that has a gym and we all ate pizza and balled out. Way fun! And I got to say goodbye to one of my last companions, Elder Wilcox.

This week was just full of what felt like "random" blessings. Lately I have been texting practically every single number that is stored in our phone and asking people pretty frankly if they have interest of not. As you might expect, nearly all did not have interest, but the craziest thing was, some did! So we met them, and they became investigators. So cool! Then at English class one day, a random kid showed up and we asked "how did you learn about our class?" and he said right now he is preparing for this HUGE and really important test coming up and so he googled an effective way to learn English fast, and he found some link about us and how we have a free English class. What in the world? I have never found someone like that before. It was such a miracle! So tonight we are actually going to meet him and start up this program we have for people who want to learn English and the Gospel as well. I'm really excited for that one!

Then on Wednesday we were Sticker Boarding out by this really cool University, and it was a hit. We gave away more than 200 flyers, which is huge for us. And right as we were about to leave this older professor approached us and spoke pretty fluent English to us and explained that when he was 25, he first met missionaries and he loved meeting them. And so I was pretty bold and just said, "Well how about meeting them again?" And he agreed. I got his number, we met with him on Friday, and he has major potential. He looked at us in his office and told us he has one question that no religion has been able to answer: "What about my ancestors who never had a chance to learn about Christ because they were all practicing Confucianism? Are they just going to Hell?"  Nope! We told him that we in fact actually did have some answers he was looking for and he became an investigator! Sick! We met another really cool kid on Saturday who told us that every day he wonders "what is my life's purpose?" What in the heck? This is straight gold! 

And another cool thing from this week. I got to perform 3 baptismal interviews for the ward next to ours and they were all baptized this weekend! One of the interviews was scheduled at 11 o'clock and the baptismal service started at 12--talk about pressure on me--but he passed just fine!

Anyways, absolutely solid week for us. I hope yours was as well! 

Love you all! 

Elder Jenkins

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