Monday, September 19, 2016

Korean Thanksgiving

Festivities of "Chuseok:"  Korean Thanksgiving Celebration

This week was seriously such a blast! Heading into the week, though, I honestly saw NO promise. First off, this last week we celebrated the biggest Korean Holiday (Chuseok), which was on Thursday. A General Authority from our Asia North Area came and trained us for a big portion of that day. And, to top it off, on Friday we went to the coolest thing I think I have seen on my mission! We went to this Folk Village in a place near where we live, and it was just all this old school Korean stuff. Everyone was in traditional clothing, and there were cool shows, sweet souvenirs, traditional Korean foods, and all kinds of fun stuff. As cool as all that stuff was, though, it cut into our precious proselyting time and we need investigators. But, the coolest thing was, we were blessed wayyyy more than we could have imagined.

Blessing Number 1: We absolutely destroyed proselyting this week--nearly doubling the amount of materials/phone numbers we receive in a typical week. What!?!

Blessing Number 2: We also nearly doubled the number of lessons taught from our previous week.

Blessing Number 3: I smiled my butt off all week long!

Blessing Number 4: We received training under Apostolic Authority, and I actually got to have a personal interview with him and talk about my missionary work. It was Elder Scott D. Whiting, the same GA that came last year at this time and I interviewed with then as well. We talked a lot about what had changed in a year. He was very complimentary and kind.

Blessing Number 5: We got to see horesback acrobatics this last week at the Folk Village, and a dope dance by professional hip hop dancers. (haha)

Blessing Number 6: My testimony of the Lord's will and the Lord's timing were strengthened sooo much!!! 

Blessing Number 7: This is a little bit of a wild card, but we also learned that we will be having a combined conference with the Seoul Mission next month! And guess who is coming to speak..... David A. BEDNAR!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was such a blast. I love it here. Of course I miss all of you... but....

Anyway, have a nice week. Smile. Be happy.
Elder Jenkins
A few photos from the week:
Urban Rice Paddy
Elder Fleming, my MTC Comp
Dinner at a Member's Home

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