Monday, September 12, 2016

Miracle Jackpot!

Elder Bratt and Elder Jenkins at the Temple
This week was really fun, but as I look back I can't remember a ton of what happened. Haha, my bad. I really do believe that the more fun you have, and the busier you are, the faster time flies. That has been the story of my mission!! It has gone by wayyyy tooo fast!

This week's highlight: We went to the temple on Thursday and it was so awesome. I absolutely love the Lord's house! Afterwards, we ate at this buffet that was on the Han River, which separates our mission from the Seoul Mission. Then we played rugby for like 2 1/2 hours. I had never played  before, but it was such a blast!
Seoul Korea Temple

Another fun thing about this past week was on Friday we hit a Miracle jackpot! We had about two hours that night to go on the streets to proselyte, and before we left the house we said our normal 'before we leave the house prayer' but I think we tried to be a little more sincere seeing that we don't have a ton. Sure enough, out and about, we found 2 Inactive Members who were totally down to meet! And then some lady approached Elder Bratt out of the blue, speaking fluent English, and she told us that she lived in America for 7 years! WHOA! It is super super rare to find someone who even barely speaks English in this area. And on top of that, guess where she lived: Utah. And on top of that: She has been to a Baptismal Service! hElder Bratt and I, I'm sure, were just sitting there with our mouths open in awe! It was a series of absolute miracles from the Lord

I know from this, and from other experiences in my mission and throughout my life, that when we pray sincerely, God truly does answer--In His timing and in His way. I love Him, and I sure know that He is here! 

Have a great week!

Elder Jenkins

Reunion with Elder Wilcox

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