Monday, December 19, 2016

Brother Jenkins, the MTC Worker

Wow, we had quite the week! If you are wondering about the title, on Wednesday it was transfers. Surprisingly, my companion and I received a missionary straight from the real world. He has not even had MTC experience. His parents dropped him off at the mission office about 30 minutes before we arrived. His name is Elder Choi and he is from the big city Seoul itself. He will be with us until February, and then he will finally go to the MTC! So our job? Birthing him straight into the work. It has been so fun. After every lesson, he says something like, "WOW! That was sooo fun!!" or "That made me SO happy!!" I love it! This kid is just on fire, and it is spreading all over Gokbanjeong.

Okay I don't have much more time, but Elder Choi was definitely the highlight of my week--an early Christmas Present. I will share one fun story that came with the newbie.

I guess Elder Olson and I had become like weirdly habitual with some small things. For example, I always walk out of the front door first and call the elevator and then Elder Olson closes the front door. That doesn't seem like a big deal, I know, but on our first day with Elder Choi aboard the ship, we left the house in what I thought was our ordinary manner. But when we returned home that night, 9 hours later, our front door was wide open--Elder Olson wasn't the last one out the door apparently. To be honest, we all thought "intruder" and kind of panicked. Elder Olson and I threw our newborn behind us, I grabbed the first thing I saw, an umbrella, and Elder Olson grabbed a shoe horn and a bag of frozen Kimchee (haha). He took the left side of the house and I went right! It was so intense! Everything seemed to check out okay until I got to the bathroom: the door was closed and I swear I heard something in there so I took off screaming and busted in there flailing around my little umbrella. Yup, no one was there (hahaha). I'm sure that was quite the first impression for Elder Choi! It did make for a fun laugh afterwards. If there had really been someone, though, they would have had a bad night: a bag of frozen Kimchee to the head and a swift jab from an umbrella would most certainly spell a trip to the hospital!
All Clear at the Apartment

Anyway, on the more slightly spiritual side, Tuesday we literally did service for nearly our entire day and it wore me out! Honestly I was getting a little grumpy, but I kept remembering one scripture: "When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God." I really felt like I came to believe that so much more last week. Thankful for those small experiences.

Anyway, love you all! Have a great Christmas.
Elder Jenkins

Saying farewell to MTC Sister Robinson

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