Monday, December 12, 2016

Officer, Stop Him. He Needs Baptism!

Ya Him with the Backpack!
So much to talk about and not enough time, which seems to be the story of my mission: "literally, just give me 1 minute!"

SO, first with some cool news: yesterday there was another baptism in our Ward. The weird thing is that I knew this girl clear back when I was in Shinpung a year ago and now she was finally baptized in a different ward. Sure enough,  I got to see her be baptized, which was so cool. It has also been so fun to see such growth in someone because of the Gospel. It totally is true, I'm telling you.

Then we had a couple of cool experiences with investigators this week: we found a family!! Literally the first one of my entire mission. For some reason, it is like the hardest thing to find a family to teach in Korea. It took me a year and half, and I am so excited to be able to bear testimony from experience how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless a family. Finally! I love this family centered message!

Then we finally met up with this guy who literally was the first person I talked to in this area. He actually said: "after texting for a while and now finally meeting, I KNOW this was no accident that we met! Totally destiny man!" Needless to say, he wants to learn! YES!

Also, I am sure you heard, but our President got the boot! Impeachment in process in Korea.

And this week we had a "Caroling" proselyting activity near this huge subway station and it was sooo sick! There were like 20 missionaries singing and then about 5 missionaries stopping everyone and talking to them about the church, Christmas, etc. It was soo dirty and absolutely a blast. It felt like we had this perfect background music for proselyting. I loved it. And in case you are curious, the super fresh Christmas Sweater was only, yes, $10.

Such a fun and spiritually uplifting week over here in KOREA!!!
Love you all

Elder Jenkins
More photos from the week:
Zone Training

You want me to SING???

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