Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Light Korea!

Last week was so fun and way effective! As a result, today is P-day but we still have three different appointments.  So busy, and ... I LOVE IT!

Highlight reel:

1. I ate fried silkworm from a stranger's spoon on the street! That is about as sketchy as it gets! (haha)

2. Also on the same night, I may have pulled out some sick dance moves in public--actually in front of a crowd of people. Yep, I still got it.

3. Thursday, we went to the Temple and it was so great! It feels like it has been a while. As always, the temple is a great blessing because we get to spend some time extra close to God.

4. That same day, we went tie shopping in the biggest underground shopping mall in Korea. My pocket is definitely feeling that one, ouch! There are some flipping sick Korean ties. I LOVED THE ONES WITH WHALES ON THEM!!!

5. I also got accused of being in the CIA twice this past week.  

On the more somewhat spiritual side, I was just texting some random people in the phone and a lady answered a few days later by saying that she was trying to find the church right that moment! (Guess I've still got dancing skills as well as texting skills.) Of course, we pulled her right into the church, and she brought her 25 year old son! She came this past Sunday as well! That was such a cool blessing straight from the Lord! Yesterday there was a confirmation in our ward and Elder Olson and I got to participate in the ordinance which was such a humbling experience! I just love the most amazing opportunities that the church brings into my life. I sure love God and the way He blesses us.

Anyway, I love you all and hope that you spend your week well! Need anything? Hit me up!!

Elder Jenkins

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