Monday, October 19, 2015

Giants on the Subway!

Korea is known as the "Land of the Morning Calm!" Sure is Beautiful!
First off, sorry my weekly is so much later than usual; we actually went out to lunch with a potential investigator which delayed our computer time. Anyway, the crazy thing is he is from France, so we went out for burgers and got to speak in English! He is such a great guy, but more on that later...

So this week was started with our greenie get-together thing, where we all got together and kind of discussed how we can help our trainers help us. It was so fun seeing Elder Fleming and my "dongi," which in English means something like "same time entering the MTC" (MTC cohort). It was so much fun seeing President as well!

The reason why I tell you this is because on our way home, good things started happening! While getting on the subway, I saw this freaking giant white guy so I instantly walked over just to see how tall he was. Of course we talked for a while and it was so cool! While I was talking to him, I looked down the subway just a little ways (yes this implies that I am for once taller than some people, and I am also much much bigger than most Korean people, so I basically have to stand up in the subways because I just don't fit), but I saw another foreigner and I saw him peeking at me so I just kind of loudly said, "What's up man."  He was completely astonished! In our wail of excitement, he asked for my phone number and so that is how we met our Frenchman! Screaming across a subway!

Two of the Giants on the Subway:  Me and the Frenchman we met
THEN on Thursday we were walking around an E-mart looking for this puzzle of the Salt Lake City Temple.   Haha in Korea? I know right! The title translates to "Beautiful Building" or something like that.  We were looking for it for some members, and we ran in to another foreigner from Wales. He ended up being the coolest guy! He had worked with some Mormons before and he just loved talking about them, and then he told us his whole life story after that. He invited me and my companion to be in his band. Yup. Band haha! Instead, we made him a deal: If we go and record with him, then he has to come to our Korean class. He is coming tonight, so you should expect an album with my name on it coming out soon! haha

The coolest thing of my week came on Friday! Scott D. Whiting from the Seventy (who actually gave the last prayer in Conference) came and did a conference with us. His words were absolutely monumental--like singe your eyebrows kind of a message. The craziest part about it was that he asked for an interview with me! So we just had a short little interview about life and it was the chillest thing ever! Goodness it was cool.

He interviewed 12 missionaries from the mission total.  I think I was the only greenie.  The interviews occurred after four hours of conference where he kind of scolded us, so I was pretty nervous.  But I sat down and he was the coolest guy.  He LOVES Manti, and he COULD NOT believe that my old man was a knife maker.  We just had a very casual talk about what I did before the mission.  At the end, he said "you need to thank your parents for doing such a good job with you."  So, way to go mom and dad--a GA said that, so you are in the clear.  Then he said, "we surely need to meet again Elder Jenkins" and he told me he would not have a hard time remembering knife making father and small town Manti.  What an experience.  Out of the 150 missionaries in the mission, I was so privileged to meet personally with a General Authority.

But anyways, it was a very enjoyable week for me! I hope yours was as well.
Couple funny things:
  • My clothing size in Korea is 3XL (and I've lost weight!)
  • I think I actually have been swearing in Korean without knowing it, so I will have to quit that! Trainer told me! haha
  • This cooooool member had us over for lunch yesterday and he told me that I sounded fluent because of the intonation I use!  I couldn't believe that, but I guess that means some humbling experiences will be sent my way soon!

From your homie in Korea

Elder Jenkins
More photos:
The Coooool Member!

Canal looking north into North Korea!

New Suit!

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