Monday, October 5, 2015

I met Bruce Lee!

Okay! As always, I don't have much time, but it will work.
Seoul Korea Temple

Awesome week!!! On Thursday we went to the Temple and it is so legit! To get there, we left mission boundaries and crossed the Han River.  That by itself was a cool experience. The session was actually in English, which surprised me.  It was sure great to get back in the Lord's house!
The Han River

My quick story comes from some day this week--which one, I don't remember because it seems everything is mushing together! It is terrible.  Anyways, we were making an attempt to find a less-actives house and as we got on to this PACKED bus, the bus driver and a passenger were going hard at each other in an argument.  They were full on screaming! It scared me, first of all because I was like right in their laps and second of all I had not a clue what was being said! Anyway, because of this 45 minute long argument (no lie, screaming for 45 minutes hahahaha), the bus driver skipped like 5 stops so we missed our stop!

We finally hopped off and started walking for like an hour or so and we got so lost,  but we stumbled across this sick like man-made canal that leads right to the ocean.  It was cool.  But as we became more lost, it was getting later in the day and we had something to get to so we just hopped on this random bus and rode it for like a long time--maybe an hour and a half.  So I, being the soft greenie, totally knocked out.  I woke up to this Korean guy saying "excuse me" in English because he wanted to sit next to me.  I made room and I instantly started talking to him about how he knew English. As we started talking, he told me a TON about his life. He had served in the US Army and had lived in Washington state and had been to Mormon Church! WHAT?? So after some stories, I felt prompted to ask him if he was happy. He looked at me like I was insane! Then he said, "I have absolutely no clue what happiness even is!" Whoa.... could be golden! And his name is Bruce Lee. Way cool.  To pull the story together: if that terrifying screaming match did not take place, and the bus driver did not miss all of those stops, and if we hadn't gotten ourselves even more lost, I would never have met Bruce Lee! 

This experience helped me to realize that God has a plan, even if you have no clue as to what that is. Don't worry: sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride! hahaha But don't fall asleep too long on the ride because you might just miss what He wanted you to find!

Cultural Craziness:
  • Bathhouses are a huge thing here.  Interesting...
  • You separate trash from food trash.  The food trash goes in the freezer...yup gross.
  • I am actually 20 years old here.
  • Our bathroom is one small room and the shower head is right next to the toilet, so you soak everything in the bathroom when you shower.  That is how all Korean bathrooms are. 
  • Many of the juices have chunks of fruit in them.
  • We sit down on the floor in restaurants, cross-legged (finally a place I can cross my legs!).
  • I played basketball with some members.  Wondering if garments are magic:  I made 7 3-pointers in a row. 
  • Our area covers the islands west of the mainland.  It takes two hours to get there--on a bus.
  • We played Korean pool and it is insanely difficult. 
I love you all wayyyyyy too much! Missing you everyday!

Elder Jenkins!
More photos:
Han River Island

Looking west from our apartment

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  1. Bruce Lee? Wow, you have arrived, of course you ought to baptize him! Love your reports! Keep the faith, you are an inspiration.