Monday, October 12, 2015

I Love Squid!

ONE MONTH! What in the world? I have been in Korea for an entire month! That doesn't sound like much, but it sure feels like a lot, but it also feels like it has been going by soooo fast! I don't have a ton to talk about this week, but a couple cool things did happen.

So early in the week, we had 3 people to meet and they were in all corners of our area. That meant a TON of traveling! I bet we spent 6 total hours on a bus, which made me tired and grumpy--haha not very missionary-like, but I am working to overcome! Anyway, after our last stop I was almost asleep on the route home when all these teenagers came and sat by us in the back of the bus.
Bus Time!

So they started trying their English on us, and it turns out that they are this big time rapping crew here in Korea! So we spent like 45 minutes just talking about all these American rappers they like (I may have shared my favorites as well--also not very missionary-like, but I am working).  Anyway, it was so fun! We are going to try to meet them this week. So that is my worldly experience for the week.
My favorite experience came from Conference. I LOVED IT!  I actually got to watch it in English which was nice. I think I really received some things that will help me to keep working. It truly was a blessing for me to take a break from all the chaos here in Korea and to listen to the Prophet and his Apostles speak. It really was incredible! Being out here made me realize how much I have always taken that for granted. Don't be like the old me; instead use that opportunity to grow and to learn! 

Foods from this week were legit! We had a zone training, so I tried some new things. 
  • Squid in this suuuuuuuper spicy sauce, but it was easily my favorite food thus far.
  • Cup Bob which is rice, tuna, fried chicken, mayo, and maybe sesame sauce... in a cup. My second favorite food! And cheap! 
  • Squid soup! Delicious!
It's getting COLD in Korea!  The shopping malls are insane here.  One in our area is completely underground.

Language slip off the week:   I think I might have told a member that I would never eat that. But I meant I have never eaten that haha! 

I think I had more, but I can't think of anything more right now.  Anyway, I am running out of time. But know that I love, care, and remember you all!

Elder Jenkins

Some photos of our apartment:
Supposedly one of the biggest in the mission

Word has it, this apartment is in poor condition compared to others in the mission.

But it is clean!

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