Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Camera Was Stolen!

Elder Jenkins and his Sons, Elder Choi and Bratt!  They Grow up so Fast!
This week was so flipping fantastic, and it was also incredibly cold! The combination made for an interesting angle at missionary work, but it was all so dang cool. Let me tell ya.
The Zone
 So maybe one of the coolest things that has ever happened on my mission happened last week: two weeks ago on Saturday we had some time at night to place some calls to some potential investigators, so I decided to call a few people that I thought might accept an invitation to church. One of the first people that came to mind was a guy who I actually had met with several times when I served in Shinpung (Our neighboring area) almost a year ago. At the time, he really had no interest in church. In truth, he really did not have much interest or motivation. On top of that, he was actually living in Gokbanjeong area (my area now) so things ended pretty quickly. But for some reason I thought it would be good to call him. To my surprise, he picked up and said "Maybe I will come. I will see." We all know that usually means no, but to my surprise he showed out to church! And he absolutely loved it.
Our Work Area

He commented after the meeting, "This church just fits who I am." Of course we proceeded to set up an appointment for that Wednesday, and he willingly agreed, and we met and it went so well. During that short meeting he said some things that were just crazy. All we could think was "Holy Golden." He told us that "Just a few minutes before the time you called me, I was in super deep thought as to where my life was, and how much religion could mean to me right now. But not just me, the world needs a true, pure, and a more spiritual focus. The world needs a true religion! And then guess who called? YOU! The world needs the Mormon Church." Yeah! That is why we are here friend. So right then, he pulled out his phone (calendar) and said, "We need to schedule all of our appointments for the next 2 weeks right now. I want to meet with you every day I have off!" As he scheduled the appointments, I leaned over his shoulder and said, "Well if you like the Mormon church this much, how about becoming a member?" Then I pointed to the 29th of this month and he just entered it in his calendar right on the spot! That man is prepared and eager. He came to church yesterday as well, and he is really planning to be baptized in two weeks! Sick!!!!

Anway, I took too much time on that story. God is just real. And He really does prepare His children! His time is all it takes.

FYI: My Camera was stolen this week.

Love you guys!!!

Elder Jenkins

Our Flat

Our Yos...Sleeping Mats

Keeping it clean!

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