Monday, January 9, 2017

The Clothing of Old Korea

This week was so flipping awesome! I have so much to say, but I won't. Honestly, no one but me and my two companions really care that much about what happened, so I will be brief.

Funniest moment of the week: We met some random guy and asked if maybe he had had some past experiences with missionaries. It turns out that he is a former investigator (kind of) and used to meet with missionaries a lot. Hearing that, we asked him what his impression is of the church. He took that as what was his first literal impression of the church. He responded: "I will tell you what, I had never seen such BLUE toilet water in my entire life until I stepped into your guy's church. Frankly I was quite amazed!" Haha, thank you janitor. Interesting first impression.

Also, last week we met with an older crazy guy who was so hilarious. I think he kind of had a lapse in his memory which made for a really comical hour lunch appointment. I will give you one little glimpse: He began the lunch with one of those " hallelujah Jesus" opening prayers and then proceeded to give us a complete bombardment of weird political stories with an occasional sermon on Jesus thrown in between. He was quite the talker--he talked suuuper fast and would randomly laugh hysterically. After about 15 minutes of him on a solo, I took an opportunity (a moment of silence) and shot him the Restoration lesson as quickly as I could. The whole shabang! He looked a little confused and then said, "WHOA Take it easy! Slow it down!" We all kind of giggled and then I just whipped out the BOM and said, "You need this book sir!" He took it in his hands for a second and then sadly turned it down with another whale of a story on being baptized by the laying on of the hands. No water needed...first time hearing that. So as he was going on and on and on, I took the BOM back and slowly--very stealthily--slipped the BOM into his bag. I'm guessing that because of his jumpy memory, he will just figure he put it in the bag himself! Now, we are just praying that he reads it.

Last pday, as a District we all threw on some Traditional Korean Clothing and explored old Korea! That costume was easily one of the dopest things I have ever worn. 

Also, for all of you out there who are wondering if I really did any missionary work this week.. Last week was actually one of the most spiritually inspiring and most fruitful weeks of my mission. The Lord totally and completely blessed us with so much good. OH! It was so flipping exciting and fun to see all of the fruit.

I love you all, and I hope you have a fantastic week.  Email me.  Please.
Elder Jenkins

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