Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Sun! You Receive Much Fortune!

This week was a blast! Things really picked up which made for a super fun week. But, honestly, it's probably just fun for me and my companions, so I won't go too deep into details.

First I want to tell a pretty funny story that happened on Sunday. Because it was Christmas, we went as a district to a normally well-populated subway station to do some fun proselyting activities. But the thing I didn't completely realize was that in Korea, Christmas is just a dating holiday. Nothing about families or Jesus. As a result, this subway station was just completely PACKED with people who were on dates. There was barely even space to walk, which made for a super fun time--lots of contacts!! Anyway, it was a complete blast. As we were walking back towards the entrance of the subway to head home, this foreigner stopoed us in our tracks and just looked in awe at my companion Elder Olson. He was from another Asian country, so he tried speaking some English but you could tell he didn't know a lot. So then he was trying to speak Korean, which he didn't know a lot of either, but it was better than his English. Frustrated, he just started blurting out English and Korean together and in English he says "See You Again" and then in Korean he says "That is my favorite song!" Then he said, "Aren't you the artist?" to Elder Olson, but Elder Olson--still being pretty fresh in Korea--couldn't understand what was happening, so he answered "Oh yeah! Of course!"( hahahaha) The guy just FREAKED out!!! He started shaking his hand like a thousand miles an hour and then pulled out his phone and just started taking selfie after selfie with Elder Olson! I'm sure those pictures came out hilarious because Elder Olson's expression was one of complete and utter confusion! Anyway, after a while of the guy talking about how cool it was to meet a celebrity, he left and Elder Olson just turned around to us and asked, "What in the heck just happened??" Elder Choi and I were both fighting tears trying to explain that he just confirmed to a guy that he was indeed a famous American Singer.

Yesterday our cool little no longer investigator friend, Dae Hyeon, got confirmed a member of the Church and it was such a powerful experience! I love this church so much and the incredible power that comes with it.

Okay other than that. A ton of other dope things happened, but I'm out of time.

I love you all! I hope that with this "new sun, you receive much fortune!" (translation for "Have a Happy New Year!!)  See you!

Elder Jenkins

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