Wednesday, February 8, 2017


This week was super interesting. There are soo many new things to get acquainted with. Transfers are always so trippy like that--new house, new people, new companion, new methods, sometimes even new food and a change to the language! Always crazy, but definitely always fun!

Our week was also really busy, so time flew by. I really don't remember a lot, but I do remember a super crazy thing that happened to us: on Thursday we had an appointment with this 20 year old girl who is suuuper nice and from what I had heard, prior to meeting her, she has been really accepting of our message. I was pretty pumped for the lesson, and she in fact did accept SOME things well. But, at the end of the lesson, we felt like it would be best to ask her to pray about our message to hopefully be able to accept a little better. This is usually a pretty tender part of lessons because we usually get to teach the person how to pray and it is SO cool hearing people pray for the first time. Well, we didn't have to teach her anything; in fact, she was fluent in (you guessed it) TONGUES! Oh no! Yikes! It was so weird! We were speechless, and she was really really set on that being the way of prayer.  So we testified of what we believe is the correct way to pray and that was basically that, but I don't think she was convinced.

One last small story: on Tuesday night we had a cool opportunity to pick up a bunch of new missionaries from the airport and to bring them to the mission home. We have a big tradition in our mission to proselyte with the new missionaries on their first subway ride to get them into the life! I was next to one sister missionary and I just heard--in awesome MTC Korean and in a really loud voice that literally everyone in the subway could hear--I AM A REPRESENTATIVE OF JESUS CHRIST! It was so dope. Her words are true! 

I feel the same way as her!
Love you!

Elder Jenkins

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