Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It Does Matter

Driving Test!
This week had quite the highlight! Not much compares to what happened, so I will just let the cat out of the bag now: Elder Jeffrey R Holland visited our mission and it was sooo sick! Within the last 6 months, Elder Bednar and Elder Holland both came to our mission. Total blessing!!! He said some things that were really strong, but just what we needed to hear as missionaries.

He was telling a story about a family who had been struck with an accident in Guam recently. He
explained that they were having such a hard time coping with the accident and he got a little emotional. Right then, BAM, the pulpit just pops and he says, "IT DOES MATTER! It does matter that Jesus Christ lives!!!" At this point he hit full lion! "Because of Jesus Christ, everything will be okay!" Of course he said a lot more, but that part really struck me. It totally does matter. And it is something we should all take into a little more consideration: Jesus Christ does live and because of Him, we will be okay! I, like Elder Holland, really do feel this to be true. This Gospel does matter and if we really do know that, we should let others know that too. 

Other cool things from this week: recently we met an older man who knew the Mormon Church clear back like 50 years ago when he was a student and he had actually attended church and really liked it. And for a about 13 years he has been living literally almost right next door to our church, but has had a hard time building up the courage to come in. Sure enough, after 13 years he took the chance and he has total interest. The coolest thing is he is Japanese!!! He is literally the second Japanese person I have met on my mission.

The Lotte Tower
Yesterday we met with one of our investigators after church who had come for the first time last week, and we had a great discussion with him. During our conversation, he said some of the dopest things I have ever heard out of an investigator's mouth. While reading a part in one of the pamphlets that literally is just talking about Jesus Christ's church, the word baptism comes out kind of softly, and he looks up at us and says, "By the way, I am still good for baptism next month right?" In our first real lesson. Uh yeah sure! Then later we were talking about the Spirit World and where he thought we would go after we died. He thought for a second and then replied, "I think it would be a pretty good idea to go and find all of the old prophets like Joseph Smith, and then with them go and find God so we could be with Him." Heck yeah! He is so sick! 

Anyways, things are doing well here in Seoul Korea. I love this place and I absolutely love the people. Wish I could be here forever. 

I love you all as well! Of course.

Elder Jenkins
Olympic Park

Korean Boiling Soup

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