Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Woo! Mr. Woo!

The Han River
I loved last week, but for real sometimes I have the hardest time remembering what happened. Yikes. But I will tell you what I do remember and hold onto your seats because it involves my very first "famous investigator!"

Because I am new to the area, I have been sending out loads of messages to try and find people who might be willing to meet. This method has actually been pretty effective in my mission--a baptism in Gokbanjeong resulted from it actually! We also have an investigator we found that way who is all lined up to be baptized! Needless to say, I trust it. But anyway, I got a random reply a few days later from a man entitled Mr. Woo. Search it: Mr. Woo soccer. There you have it: former professional soccer player, who is also a pioneer of the fun game "freestyle football." Even Ronaldinho (look it up) asked for an autograph when he met Mr. Woo (hahaha). The reply indicated he wanted to meet and come to church. We met on Monday, and he came to church yesterday. He did tell us that he is a little hesitant coming to church because he basically doesn't want to publicity all over him. First time hearing that excuse! Solid! And here is another cool mix into things: he has a son attending ... the U! Sick! I love when super dope stuff happens like this on my mission!

The Famous Seoul Bing Desert Cafe
Then on Tuesday and Wednesday I went on exchanges to the area right next to ours, which was cool because our two wards will be combining this month and so that will also become our area! We had 8 hours full hours of proselyting time since we had no appointments whatsoever! You know me ... I had to make it as interesting as I could. I pulled out nearly every trick I had in my pocket: basketball, taking random people out for dollar burger day at Burger King, sign language translation, Spanish translation, restaurant proselyting... I have a few others, but I decided to save those for another exchange. It really was such a blast. And it was even warm enough that we left our coats at the house!!! Good thing too; I certainly didn't want that weight when I was throwing down on the basketball court later in the day.
Friday we had a combined ward indoor soccer/barbecue party. It was so sick! You know me: soccer fan ... Not. Perhaps Mr. Woo put some kind of spirit in me, though, because I really had a good time! Imagine that. I  even got some woos from the crowd. That might have come from me slamming little Koreans into the walls (haha). I couldn't help it. It felt a lot like indoor football (AFL) and I have some football experience. Of course, Korea does have the best barbecue in the world, so my belly was also very pleased afterwards.
Look out Streets of Seoul!

A lot of other cool things happened this week, but I seriously cannot remember.

One thing I did realize though: even when times are good, there will always be something that is hard too. Prepare for those times and enjoy them. After all, that is life isn't it. We had a really fun little high school student investigator who we had kind of been losing contact with, but we called yesterday and the phone was actually picked up. But, it wasn't his voice. His dad answered and all he said was, "Don't ever call again!" Elder Lee, the angel that he is, said something like, "oh okay.. Sorry to bother you" and the guy pounds the nail one more time by responding "Don't even think about calling again!" Boom! And that is the name of the game ladies and gentlemen: one moment you can be on cloud nine with the dope blonde haired Mr. Woo and the next wallowing in despair after a painful phone call.

If there is one thing I have learned, though, it is that attitude it everything! Choose to be happy!
Love you all!

Elder Jenkins

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  1. Great report, Elder. What a wonderful missionary! Your last comment reminded me of my sister Lynda's advice, long ago, when I was a bit down, "Happiness is a conscious decision of the mind." Keep up that great work, what an inspiration you are! We are doing fine, loving our ward and the people that we work alongside in the area, both the members and the elders. We have great experiences and have great appreciation for this opportunity! Miracles seem to be common....and so appreciated! We send our love and prayers.