Monday, March 13, 2017

It Takes Guts to Get Through Transfer Week!!!

Gopchang-jeongol, or Beef Tripe Soup
This last week was kind of slow right up until the weekend and then it got suuuper fun. During the week we had two different exchanges and when we weren't doing that, we were involved in meetings and so we had no proselyting time. But I will tell you about what we were able to do.

So on Monday and Tuesday I went back to the area that we are combining with soon and did another exchange over there. It was so fun!!! But because the elders' area is shutting down this week, they have referred all of their investigators over to our area so we had another whole entire day of proselyting! My favorite! Sometimes I really feel like more comfortable talking to people on the streets than I actually do sitting down in a cafe. I love to proselyte! So we made a big goal of a number of BOMs to place and stuff like that. I think that day we gave away 25! That is definitely the most I have ever even thought about giving out. It was just so fun to stop practically everyone we came across and to introduce our favorite book and the effect it has had in our lives. Super fun!!!

Then on Wednesday and Thursday I went out to Incheon for an exchange and it was so cool going
out to the area where I landed a year and a half ago! The elders' apartment there was on like the 28th floor or something insane like that, so we were suuuper high! It made for a cool view.

Then yesterday was just a great day. Mr. Woo, my man, came to church again, and by the end of the block every member had googled him and found all of his videos on Youtube. Of course, they went crazy! It was so awesome. I think he liked the attention. And then our old homie Nogi Akira from Japan came out to our ward lunch and he too also found some fans--a lot of the members have traveled to Japan so they were all practicing their Japanese on him. Sick! 

Anyway, today we are all going to play screen baseball!!! I love this and I am sure wishing America had this. Hopefully we don't pick up a bunch of fans like our investigators have been lately--just kidding. Instead, I pray my body holds up. For real.

Love you guys.

Elder Jenkins
Office Staff

Mission Soccer Champs!

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